Thursday , April 18 2024

How to Create a Small Paradise in Your Garden

Making your garden a perfect place for relaxation and joy is amongst the biggest and most alluring perks of living in a house. And, there are many different ways to go about it. You can make a nice sitting area, an alfresco kitchen, you can build a pool or instal a swim spa, you can make a small sports court, etc. But regardless of what you choose to do with your patio or backyard, one thing is for sure, the main ingredient of any inspiring outdoor area is nature with all its beauty.

So, why not take the opportunity and play with what nature offers to create a small paradise outside your doorstep? Why not take advantage of some nice plants and reap all the benefits they offer? And the fact is, even with just a few outdoor pots and urns and some imagination, you can create a breath-taking outdoor area.

Urns for a Stunning Design Effect

garden urns and pots

Source: living4media

While plants are beautiful wherever you plant them, if you want to make something more interesting and add style to your garden, adding a garden urn can be just the way to do it. They come in such beautiful designs, that even placing one urn in a well-thought-out place can have a huge influence on the overall vibe of your outdoor area, not to mention show off your personality and your style.

Urns can make your place look quite classy, and they can be used to achieve many different things. Often when it comes to decorating with outdoor planters, the bigger they are, the more interest they can add. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t use smaller garden pots to decorate. However, urns offer some incredible design opportunities. For instance, you can create a grouping of pots with different designs or the same design and different sizes, or any other creative way, plant some annual plants and make an eye-catching accent on one side of your garden. But, on the other hand, if you find a unique and stunning garden urn and display it in the middle of your garden as an art piece with a vibrant plant that will complement the surroundings, you can create an unparalleled centrepiece and focal point in your outdoor area.

Nevertheless, there are many different ways to use big outdoor urns. Another great idea, for instance, is to use them to create an illusion of separated areas, especially if you have a larger yard. You can also surround a big urn with smaller pots in different heights, playing with shapes, designs, sizes… You could use them to attract the eye towards something, or away from something, you could use them to emphasize colour or to create a contrast… In other words, these items, designed to hold plants, are much more than just simple containers.

Self-Watering Pots for a Contemporary Vibe


Source: Hive Life

Pots come in many different forms, sizes, designs, they can be made from many different materials. One type of pots, which sticks out when it comes to contemporary homes and their outdoor areas, is self-watering pots. As the name suggests, these are planters designed to keep your plants watered, while taking away the pressure you might feel about it. However, while their convenience alone can be a reason enough to invest in them since they can make your life easier, they also offer a lot regarding the décor of your outdoor area.

These urban garden planters are the perfect protectors of plants for people who lack the discipline or the knowledge to take care of them regularly and properly. However, this is not the only reason why you should choose self-watering pots for your garden. These practical units, which like urns can both be used indoors and outdoors, effectively prevent the roots from rotting and the plants from drowning and feed them in a continuous way. This way, you are providing them with the right amount of the necessary nutrients, which they absorb directly from the roots, and then distribute them to the entire plant.

Unlike conventional pots, this contemporary option allows plants to absorb the water from the bottom, rather than the top. This assures even moisture distribution, as well as protection against developing fungal diseases. They come with reservoirs or storage tanks that you fill with water, and you are good to go for at least a week. They also feature an overflow hole, which will keep your plants from receiving more water than they need, which you can’t guarantee if you water them from above yourself.

However, unlike outdoor urns which can be put almost anywhere, as long as the plants planted in them allow it because self-watering pots will have enough water in their tank, you should make sure that they aren’t left out in the open, in a place where they can be reached by rain. This way you can avoid the main thing they’re designed to prevent – drowning and rotting. Another thing worth mentioning is that not all plants will thrive in these outdoor modern planters. However, there is a number of plants that will love them, including vegetables and herbs, tropical plants and house plants, perennials, annual plants etc.