Saturday , May 18 2024

Adventure-Ready: Must-Have Outdoor Accessories for Dog Owners

Dogs love being outside, so it makes sense that it’s a lot of fun to take them with you on a journey. But it’s important to bring the right dog travel things, whether you’re going on an easy trip to a strange city or a hard hike, to keep man’s best friend happy. Whether you enjoy spending time out in the sun at a cool Airbnb or taking your dog camping, dogs get hot and cold, need water, and have first-aid situations just like the rest of us.

Here’s our list of must-have outdoor accessories to take on your next trip.

1. Foldable Bowls

Dogs are always thirsty, and when you take them outside, they will work up a big stomach. Foldable bowls are essential for any outdoor trip with your dog. Most of these bowls are made of plastic or cloth, and they fold up almost flat so they can fit easily into a bag or even a big pocket. The Quencher Cinch-Top Bowl from Ruffwear is a good pick. The top closes tight with the cinch, so it’s easy to put your dog’s food in the bowl.

dog eating from a foldable bowl


2. Dog Treat Bag

As a dog owner, you know that treats are important for teaching, praising good behaviour, and getting closer to your pet. But digging through pockets or lugging around a big bag of treats can be annoying and interrupt training sessions. So, a dog treat pouch comes in handy. Let’s talk about why every dog owner needs a box for dog treats.
A well-chosen dog treat bag makes training lessons so much easier. A dog treat pouch makes it easy to get to your treats without having to dig through your pockets or search through a bag. With a simple reach, you can get a treat quickly to reward good behaviour or take advantage of a teaching moment. This smooth process lets you train your dog without ceasing to when going on the road keeping it interesting and activity-driven.
pet owner with a dog treat bag around his waist and his pet dog at a park


3. Lighted Collar, Leash, or Tag

When you go out in the late afternoon or evening, it can get dark pretty quickly. A collar or tag that lights up would look great on any dog when it’s outside. A movable LED strap can be used for a long time and is easy to charge. It can give light for up to 10 hours when fully charged. If you want something smaller that you can put on your dog’s collar, a light and water-resistant LED key chain light is a great choice.

doberman pinscher on a leash


4. Chain

Your pet will stay safe if it has a good, strong chain. A hands-free leash is useful in a number of ways. Change the double collar to a single one that goes over your shoulder or around your waist. It can also be changed from a 6-foot leash to a 3-foot lead for teaching. Even if your dog likes to pull, you won’t get hurt if the handle is padded.

a black and white pitbull with a golden chain


5. Dog Bed or Sleeping Bag

After a long day on the hills, your dog will want to curl up and go to sleep. Before your next trip, you need a nice dog bed or sleeping bag to make sure your dog gets enough rest. On the market, there are 2-in-1 dog bed and sleeping bag with a high-quality filling that keeps your dog protected from the natural elements as one of the many necessary and important hiking essentials for yourself also.

a heterochromia husky laying in his sleeping bag on a mountain


6. Pet Life Jacket

Do you have a dog that loves water? Even the best swimmers need a little extra safety when they paddle out into the middle of the lake. To keep your dog safe, use a life jacket made just for dogs. Look for a size suitable for your dog with a jacket that has extra padding to keep your pet safe, and a comfortable and reflective material so you can easily sport your pooch day or night.

a dog with a life jacket and swimming goggles standing on a boat in a lake


7. Dog Shoes

When it’s very cold or very hot outside, dog boots can keep your dog’s feet from hurting too much. Both cold and very hot surfaces can hurt your dog’s paw pads. Quality dog boots are the best protection on hot streets or icy tracks. When going out at night, light-up soles are great, and ankle cord locks keep boots on their feet.

a dog with shoes standing in the middle of a road


8. First-Aid Kit

Explorers and their pets can hurt themselves even if they are very careful. Always have a first-aid kit for yourself with additional medicine that is safe for dogs, just in case. There will also be a need for tools to remove splinters and ticks, as well as patches and bandages that won’t stick to fur.

Golden Retriever holding a first aid pouch in its mouth outdoors.