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Three 4×4 for Accessories for Great off-Road Adventure

Every bit of comfort helps when you are in the outback in a 4WD. Even drivers that don’t care so much about convenience in an urban setting go for any contraption that will make their life more bearable in the hinterland. It’s simply because the degree of fatigue after driving all day long can quickly make performing any task harder than it is.

And when you go off-road, your priority is having a reliable machine. So, you opt for performance aftermarket parts that will lead your way out there. Once the vehicle stops, however, you can still find comfort invaluable as well. Having the right pieces of gear can certainly improve your camping experience.

Running Boards

Side steps serve more than one function in a 4×4 vehicle. Since these jeeps usually are driven along the unbeaten path there is an awful lot of action going around the undercarriage. Installing heavy-duty auto running boards will keep your chassis free from those typical skid-marks left by small rocks. You know, the type of projectiles that get hurled in every direction when your wheels are over a rocky and uneven surface. Flares help, but they only cover the tires.


running board


Having good side steps can make getting in and out of the passenger cabin easier. When your feet have been in the mud or a dust cloud you can use the side step to make sure the cabin stays as clean as possible. Side steps are mounted with steel brackets, so you can count on them. This will come in handy when you drag bulky equipment in and out the back doors. Just keep in mind that if you do a little research you can find a model of auto running boards that can be installed without drilling.

Good quality side steps are ADR approved and airbag compliant. Sometimes the way they were fitted plays into the insurance and warranty you would be able to claim. If this aspect is important to you go for an experienced fitter instead of doing it yourself. If they are reinforced you can use them to reach the load stored on your roof. Fitting your off-road truck with side steps doesn’t ruin the outline of the vehicle, yet you get good protection.


Ute Tool Box

Organizing your cargo while you are on an off-road adventure is a nightmare. Unless you have a tested method to keep every little item in check, you will likely struggle to find small objects.

Going for sturdy ute boxes will sort the mess in your tray. Not only do they protect your belongings from the elements thanks to their shell, but there are many configurations you can choose from regarding the shelving within the compartments. That is, if you choose to go with shelves, as you can also use drawers. Usually, the inside of the ute tool box is subject to customization and you can easily switch the layout if needed. The handles and locks offer great security. High-quality 4WD toolboxes are made to last and even the hinges, gas struts and openings are made according to high standards. Non-slip checker plate is the norm, but you can also go bare.

People use them in different situations too. The off road bunch put a mobile kitchen gear back there, while tradies house their professional gadgets. You can also select the extent of the box. Some would like to preserve the functionality of their ute tray, so they go for partial ute boxes. You can make a cross deck dog cage for your pet during the ride. The truth of the matter is – you can use these boxes to suit your needs, however, you need to have a clear idea regarding its purpose to make the most of it.

ute tool box


Recovery Gear

A wide array of towing accessories serve to get you out of a ditch quickly. Recovery boards are one of the most popular aftermarket accessories for getting out of mud or sand on your own. Strategically placed recovery tracks will not only get you out of a deep crevasse, but they can also save you tens of kilometres of alternative routing.

They are designed to provide traction, flotation and clearance when there is none. They are lightweight and easy to store while offering great functionality when put to work. Way better than the traditional methods of obtaining traction.

It’s the ultimate 4X4 recovery equipment for off-road enthusiasts. Knowing how to use recovery boards is more important than having them. This can be learned through a period of trial and error. And if you’d done a bit of hinterland driving, then you already know the effort required to pull a ute with a winch. So go for recovery tracks to get yourself out of trouble whenever possible. It’s okay if you don’t have a clue at this moment – you’ll learn over time.

recovery gear