Wednesday , April 21 2021

Book Display Stands: Perfect for Organising a Classroom Library

Organising books can take some time, and if you want your classroom to always be tidy, you can take a few organising tricks from libraries. Of course, a library and classroom can’t ever be the same, but you can always sort the great pile of books on bookshelves and making things easier for everyone.

Working with younger students means having to deal with curiosity, the urge to touch books, open them, read them, and leave them wherever. When having dedicated book display stands in your classroom, you can easily teach the kids how to browse the books, but also that the books should always be placed back and how to organise them according to a pre-determined rule.

Also, when the child sees the books on display, they can easily find what they’re looking for, without wasting time. So, where can you get these displays? The answer is easy – pretty much every school supply store sells them. Here are a few things to consider in order topick the right library display stands for your classroom.

Why Does a Classroom Need Book Stands?

Close-up of display stand


No Clutter

A classroom can easily be turned into a mess. Let’s take books for example – keeping them in a pile is a bad idea. You won’t have to clutter things up just because there is no more space in the classroom. Clutter isn’t quite the most aesthetically pleasing thing and will only cause headaches which can also affect students’ performance. Imagine if every student tries to find a certain book; the pile will be all over the place, and you’ll have to pick them all up. A book display stand can make things much easier; every book will be carefully placed in its spot and will be easy for finding.

Instant Access and Easier Browsing

You and the students will have instant access to the book racks. You can stand in front of it and browse easily, and find the exact book you need within seconds. And when the books are exposed on the racks, the kids are more likely to become curious about them (which is a wonderful way to spark the love for reading and exploring). Once you all learn where each book stands, you won’t waste time trying to find it. Just pull the book off the shelf and that’s it.

Teaching the Skills of Organisation

Keeping the classroom organised is important for many reasons. First of all, you and the students will be able to work in a pleasant environment. Also, the children will easily pick up the habit to put things in their place which can also become helpful for developing organisational skills later in life. You can teach the children how to arrange the books according to alphabetical order or according to colours if they are still too young to read.

Come Up with Various Themes Each Month

A book stand can help you be creative and come up with different reading themes each month. So, if this month you’re reading children’s encyclopedia, you can easily put such books on display. Next month, you can expose the fairytale books. A different theme every month means good organisation, less clutter and easier finding of the exact books you’ll need.

Types of Book Display Stands to Choose From

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Wooden Book Displays

Wood is a great material that can fit the design of most classrooms. Wooden shelves can be made to fit as many books as you want. You can get a double-sided book display with several racks so all your books can be visible and organised in once place. Just make sure to make it suitable for the student’s height (it should be tall enough so the children will be able to reach the books themselves).

If you don’t have space to fit such a display, there are also one-sided wooden book displays that shelves that let you order the books in a way so everything is visible. Just place the books with the cover facing the students. The books will remain safe and well-aligned, and you can always be able to spot the exact title you need.

Metal Wire Book Racks

Besides a classic wooden book display, you can get a simple metal wire book rack. This might be a more durable and affordable choice. Also, it takes up less space than wooden displays and is able to hold up more weight. Although such book racks are mainly used in book stores, you can easily make them work in your classroom as well. Metal wire book racks are also easier to keep clean, which is a big plus when you have a lot of mischievous children running around.

Acrylic Book Stands

Acrylic is a sturdy material and can fit in almost any interior, including a colourful classroom. If you find that acryl is a more affordable option than wood or metal and won’t affect your budget, then go for it. Such shelves are durable and won’t bend even if you place many heavy books. Another great thing is that even if kids get creative and draw a few things with sharpies on the shelves, you’ll be able to easily clean it off (compared to wood).