Monday , May 20 2024

How to Turn Your Backyard into an Attractive Entertainment Spot

Who doesn’t appreciate a large outside space where you can get some fresh air and spend quality time with family and friends? It is one of the biggest fads these days. Whether you own a large mansion or a modest property, you can make your outside area more welcoming. And the alternatives for decorating your expanded living space are unlimited. Here are some of them to try.

Add a Shed for Storage and Say Goodbye to Clutter

man pushing women wheelbarrow in front of large storage shed in garden


Having a shed to store gardening tools and other items can help keep your yard nice and tidy. A well-kept yard not only looks more attractive but is also more enjoyable. A shed is an excellent choice for storing gardening equipment, toys, and other yard detritus.

Nowadays you find a variety of small and large sheds for sale on the market at affordable prices. Which shed size to choose will depend on how you’ll be using the shed and what you plan to store in it. If you want a shed to store your garden essentials such as lawnmowers, rakes and small garden tools, then a small shed will provide the storage space you need. If you need enough room to store a BBQ and small garden furniture, a medium-size shed would be more suited. Large sheds are suitable for multiple uses, such as for storing your garden furniture, bicycles, garden tools and equipment, etc.

Different shed styles are also available. If you don’t want to compromise on garden space, then a pent or lean-to shed can be a great option as they’re designed to be positioned on the side of a property. For small gardens, corner sheds are a great choice. When style and size are important factors, metal sheds that feature sliding doors keep the unique compact and tidy while maximizing the space they are placed.

Although you can find quality small and large sheds for sale that are affordable, the price of the shed shouldn’t be the sole determining factor. By going directly for the cheapest price you’ll be ignoring some important considerations. For example, garden storage sheds with higher-quality materials and solid construction last longer and look better than the cheapest options. Paying a little more for an outbuilding is generally a smart move. If the budget is the main concern, then focus on simple, well-built sheds made with basic materials rather than those with fancy details or premium materials.

Invest in Comfort Seating

wooden lounging set in garden


Regular seating is one thing, but a wide, deep sitting set, lounge chairs, loungers, or chaise lounges allow you to stretch out and relax, whether you’re on a patio, near a swimming pool, or even on a balcony in a high-rise apartment building. If the seating is comfy, you’re more inclined to relax and spend some time outside rather than sitting at a patio dining table, eating a grilled burger, and then returning inside.

You may want to invest in steel or wood patio furniture for stability and durability. You can make this furniture more comfortable by pairing them with soft, velvety cushions. Avoid using pancake cushions. You know, those tiny, pitiful little pillows that aren’t really soft or supple. Instead, choose chubby pillows that feel light when picked up. Look for pillows that include polyester filling as they tend to dry faster when exposed to moisture. This also means the pillows will be more resistant to mould and mildew and will remain comfy and smell good for a longer period of time.

Use an Awning to Shade a Dining Spot

There’s no doubting that pergolas draped in Wisteria are wonderful. However, depending on the size of your outdoor space, they may not be a practical addition. It’s also not a good idea to install pergolas right up against the house as this might generate a lot of unwelcome shadow in the winter.

A flexible awning is a terrific space-saving choice for small patios to bring shelter for outdoor summer lunches without limiting light in your home during the winter months.

Add Interest with Pots and Planters

self-watering planter on wooden deck close up


Plants in pots and planters can be moved about and into a conservatory, greenhouse, or inside to protect them from cold. Interesting planters and pots of varying heights not only save space but can also be utilized to create a feeling of the enclosure when put around a dining area, or as focus points across the garden.

If you don’t have much time to take care of plants and flowers, self-watering planters can help make the whole job easier. A self-watering planter operates on a reservoir system that includes a water storage tank and an overflow hole to let the excess water drain away. The soil absorbs water from the water storage tank (as long as it is kept full), while your plants receive regular hydration fed directly to their roots. These planters boost plant health and productivity by delivering a steady quantity of moisture straight to the roots of plants.

Traditional gardening requires you to water your plants every couple of days (maybe daily on very hot days). If you have a hectic schedule or frequently travel, you may wind up with a slew of dried-out, dead plants. When you invest in a self watering planter, you only need to add water when the reservoir runs out. The frequency with which you must do this will be determined by the size of the water reservoir and the amount of water required by your plants, but it may be once a week or more.

Perennials and evergreens such as Buxus, hostas, and Japanese irises, as well as annuals such as lobelia, flourish in self-watering pots since they demand consistent hydration. They will require large planters because of their size and spread. If colour is what you are after, consider growing coleus in a self watering pot. Their vivid colours, robust growth, and great diversity make them the perfect option in any container design. They are known for their show-stopping blend of colour combinations and leaf shapes.

Create a Mini Outdoor Kitchen

Increase the capacity of your kitchen by expanding it into the garden. Potting tables can offer a narrow, compact surface on one side of a patio close to your barbecue grill for outside food prep. Consider selecting units with galvanised or zinc-covered surfaces to make clean-up faster as well as to protect hardwood surfaces from weather damage.

Hang a bamboo pole over your unit with cup hooks fastened to the wall or fence, then hang cooking items along their length with S-hooks.