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Tool Chests: Things to Consider When Buying a Storage Solution for Your Tools

No matter whether you’re a handyman, professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you probably own a ton of tools that you use on a regular basis. Having many tools, however,

Epoxy: The Solution to Your Concrete Problems

It would be difficult, if not otherwise impossible, to imagine a world without concrete. From homes to highways, either poured or prestressed, Australia alone uses more than 29 million cubic

Workplace Safety: Benefits and Importance Of Fire Alarm Sounders

Few events are able to trigger a sense of urgency more rapidly than the instant an alarm signals the emergence of a decidedly dangerous, if not potentially life-threatening situation… and

What to Look for in 3-Phase Plugs and Sockets

The majority of residential buildings in Australia rely on single-phase power from the mains connection to run things like TVs, fridges and computers. The supply is delivered as 230V of

Beginner’s Guide to Power Supplies for Industrial Applications

Electricity requirements in commercial and industrial settings differ greatly from what you’d find at home. Factories, mines, warehouses, construction sites and schools, hospitals, and businesses in general work under higher

Electrode Ovens: What Are They and Do You Need One?

Welding is a complicated process that requires a lot of careful work. If you’re not as careful as you should have been, you might end up losing a lot of

Electric Sanders Buying Guide

Sanding is something that a lot of people tend to enjoy. However, it definitely is a time-consuming project that requires a lot of commitment to go through because if you

How to Choose Masonry Drill Bits for your Project

Choosing the right tool for the right job is rarely as easy as it seems. That’s exactly the case with choosing the right drill, as it’s often a very complicated

Tips for Making the Most of Your Backyard Shed

If you have a big garden, not having a shed is a lost opportunity. A very common sight in many Australian backyards, sheds are a convenient and truly valuable addition

Applications and Types of Soft Starters

Something that we don’t pay much attention to when using machinery and other pieces of equipment is the way they turn on. Turning them on can be as simple as

Enclosed Trailer Buying Guide

Cargo trailers have a wide range of uses across different industries, as well as personal and recreational uses. This versatile piece of equipment comes in many different sizes for different

How to Choose and Use Masking Tape

If you are trying to choose which masking adhesive tape to buy for your next project or task, you need to learn about the different types and their performances. The