Sunday , May 29 2022

Make the Most of Al Fresco Living: Turn Your Outdoor Space Into A Dreamy Dining Area

Dining outside is a much-anticipated tradition throughout the summer months of the year. Whether your outdoor area is a balcony in the city or a vast ranch in the country, it takes a little work to turn it into a beautiful dining area. So, while it’s possible to create a charming and pleasant space, deciding which elements of furniture and accessories are the best options is not always a simple task. Get the inspiration you need to create your own dreamy dining retreat with the following easy ideas.


Focus on the Dining Area

Sitting outside can be as relaxing as kicking back in a well-appointed living room – that is if you have the proper patio furniture. Whether you’re having a family cookout or just enjoying a meal on your own, there’s nothing quite like eating al fresco and for that you need a dining set of quality.

Manufacturers of outdoor furniture employ a variety of materials for their products, though not all of them offer the same benefits. The majority of which are divided into two categories: those designed to be resistant to the elements and age like fine wine, and those that don’t stand the wear and tear.

Teak is part of the first category as the toughest, most durable, and strongest material out of all hardwoods, making it an excellent choice for furniture exposed to the weather elements. So, if you enjoy cooking and entertaining al fresco, consider investing in spacious and durable teak outdoor dining tables plus matching chairs. As an outstanding natural choice, famous for its texture and colour, it’s ideal for furniture that complements the overall appearance and feel of your landscape.


Known as the “King of Woods”, it has just the right amount of silicates and oil making it extremely durable in the outdoors. Although it’s feasible to oil or seal teak on a regular basis to keep it looking new with its lovely honey brown appearance, we don’t suggest it for everyone. The trouble with sealing it or finishing it is that you’d have to do it regularly because the finish wears off with time, thus you become a slave to upkeep. If you don’t want the chore, you can appreciate the wood’s aged look.

Now, when shopping, it’s also important to remember there ought to be enough room for guests to walk about the eating area without interrupting others. Based on the size of your patio, balcony, or backyard, you can choose from a wide selection of teak round dining table or square and rectangular extendable designs.

With the extendable one, you’d be pleased you picked it later on in instances when you have additional friends over and they all get to have a seat at your charming dining area. Certain designs have built-in umbrella holes as well, and they’re great for enjoying the fresh air in shade with the right umbrella and base.

Accentuate with Lighting

Over the years outdoor lighting has become more versatile than you’d imagine. Some models may function as modern sculptures, a sitting arrangement, and a light fixture all at the same time. For successful purchase, though, instead of only focusing on the aesthetics of these fixtures, it’s best to choose designs that provide a bit more functionality for your outdoor needs. After all, who doesn’t want a beautiful, well-lit space for year-round gatherings?

The appropriate lighting can set the perfect tone for even the most extravagant get-togethers, so the key is to illuminate smart not hard.  If you have a bigger space, you may use several lighting fixtures to designate distinct areas, such as string lights, spotlights, and floodlights. In case of a smaller area, where the focus is on a more intimate atmosphere, arrange lanterns and candles all over the place, or just around your teak outdoor dining set.


When it comes to creating a relaxed ambiance, overhead lighting is a fantastic way to do so. Hanging outdoor pendant lights hanging provides focused illumination above the dining or seating spaces. For an aesthetically pleasing outcome, consider finishes that blend well with the other elements of your exterior. Galvanized metal finish is a nice example that looks great against dark wood.

Beautiful highlights and shadows between landscape and architectural components can be created by layering various lights. This way you can discreetly emphasize accents and surfaces in an area with many various elements, textures and finishes, such as trees, hardwood, concrete, and tile, to create a dynamic appearance across your outdoor space.

Be that as it may, keep in mind balance is the key. It’s important not to overdo it when it comes to lighting up, seeing that this space doesn’t require the same level of brightness as your interior. A glare created by too much lighting can make it difficult to sit and enjoy.

Add a Touch of Décor with Pots and Planters

Make your own personal sanctuary where you may discover peace, privacy, comfort, and aesthetic delight by creating a small paradise in your garden. Flowers and foliage are a welcome addition to any home!

Don’t worry if you live in an urban location and don’t have enough space for a garden. The trick is to beautify the area with small flower pots. From terracota pots fit for teak outdoor dining tables décor, to ceramic pots to adorn a window, balcony, yard, or patio, they’re perfect for adding a splash of colour and providing a touch of greenery. Crafty individuals can use this opportunity to take up “do it yourself” projects and create their own pots and ornamental accents.


And what happens when you’re not one of them? It’s easy, you can always choose from a wide selection of ready-made options at the homeware stores. If you’re lucky to have a space large enough to accommodate a dining area with a set of chairs and teak outdoor dining table in addition to a lounge area with outdoor sofa, there’s an additional role the potted plants play in this scenario.

They serve as wonderful sleek separators between the two. Rather than one frightening open area, this provides two “rooms” for people to cluster and mingle. As a final word of advice, don’t leave out any detail when improving the appearance of your outdoor space. Only this way you’d be able to count on a dreamy outcome you can enjoy time and time again!