Thursday , April 18 2024

Leave the Straps Behind: Level-Up Your Summer Look with Heeled Mules

Summertime is the season when we can finally experiment clothing combos with an array of trendy shoes. The classic summer heels are probably your go-to as the weather gets warmer, but they also give you nasty blisters when you wear them almost every day.

The perfect pair of summer shoes should be lightweight and comfortable, while being able to dazzle anyone who passes by. Out of all the options, I can assure you the mule heels are the perfect combination between comfort and style.

Over the past few years, there’s been a huge rise in popularity of this footwear and it’s not surprising considering how trendy and simple it is at the same time. Mules look just as fancy as your favourite pair of high heels, only with no annoying ankle straps that can be irritating and even painful. Many women have adopted them as a chic summer alternative to the classic sneakers.

And they’re even superior because they also give feet plenty of room to breathe, minimizing unpleasant sweating. In terms of colour trends, whites and pastel tones are the staple of the warmer months, ranging from clothing to shoes and accessories. This is why the versatile designs of white mule heels are the trendiest shoes for the summer.

A Short History of the Mule Shoes

Women wearing heeled mules


Despite what it may seem, they’ve been around for a very long time. They’re first seen in ancient Rome as the shoes of Roman senators and higher magistrates. Their popularity especially boomed in the 16th century as bedroom or boudoir slippers when people wore them inside the house rather than out in public.

They were popular for the comfort they provided and were usually worn with matching dressing gowns. Soon, different variations of the mules appeared. They were portrayed in countless 18th century paintings, and many women of royalty adopted them in their wardrobes, such as Catherine the Great.

Ever since then, they’ve slowly but surely started becoming wardrobe staples, but it wasn’t until recently that they truly gained popularity. A few years ago, celebrities started massively wearing mule heels as part of their comfy and casual outfits, as well as their red-carpet ensembles.

Tips on Choosing the Right Fit

To choose the perfect pair of white mule heels, you need to follow a few easy tips:

  • First and foremost, choose the right size. The ideal pair should give your toes enough room to wiggle around and leave at least half an inch of space in front of your largest toe. The shoe shouldn’t press against the sides of your foot and squeeze your forefoot while walking.
    For buying mules with a pointed toe, you should get a model that’s half a size bigger to have sufficient room at front. Never buy a smaller one in hopes that you can stretch it to fit. If you’re unsure about your shoe size, measure up at home to get the exact width and length then consult the store or manufacturer’s guide.
  • Choose the right heel. Although white high heel mules are generally comfy to walk in, not all of them are ideal for an inexperienced wearer. If you spend many hours on your feet daily, you should choose comfort based on thickness and height. Ideally, it’s the type of mules that have a lower chunky block heel design that work wonders.
  • Choose a model with more than one strap. One-strap options look sleek and simple, but if you’re up for added stability and support, it’s advisable to choose a pair with two straps.

How to Style White Mule Heels?

Styled heeled mules


These shoes can adapt to any style. You can wear them with your favourite casual outfit for daily walks, feeling confident they’d also work beautifully with your office wear. The simple minimalist look of the white mule heels allows you to get creative with different kinds of accessories.

The stylish designs with a square toe are a nice choice for a casual daily outfit whereas for a more urban street style look it’s best to wear them with slim or regular fit blue jeans. To top it off, you can choose a flowy off the shoulder top. This combination goes well with hats for summer in the likes of a wide brimmed straw hat. To look put together, team them up with a straw bag, add sunglasses, an eye-catching belt, and your preferred jewellery.

For a more feminine vibe, wear them with a flowy maxi dress or skirt in a colourful pattern. When creating a work outfit for an office with a more casual dress code, combine fancy white stiletto mules with a midi pencil skirt in a darker colour, or suit pants. Choose a classic white shirt as a top and accessorize with simple jewellery and practical handbags to finish off the outfit with style.

How to Style Flat Mules?

When we’re talking about classic shoes, we can’t leave out the flat mules either. This versatile choice of footwear helps you incorporate the comfort of your house slippers into stylish outfits. Though they’re mostly used in mannish outfits, some of them often work well with ladylike combos too.

Moreover, they’re a great addition to formal and work outfits. Combined with a classic suit, they’re among the most appealing shoes for office wear. To make them part of your everyday outfits simply wear them with regular fit or skinny jeans, leggings or wide-fitting cropped trousers. Have in mind they work better in outfits with neutral colours, or those with a limited number of colours without any extravagant prints.

Bottom Line

Women wearing heeled mules


As much as we want to wear classic high heels all day long the sad truth is they tend to get pretty uncomfortable. Make a statement with your shoe choice this summer and go for gorgeous kitten, block and white mid heel mules. These shoes are at the top of the trends’ list all around the globe and every other celebrity has at least one pair of them in the wardrobe.

Since their charm comes from their versatility and ease of use, they’re practically fit for any outfit. Whether you’re more of a dress or pants kind of gal, rest assured they’re a nice addition to your shoe collection. Giving off a luxurious yet casual vibe, you can be sure you’d draw the right kind of attention wearing them wherever you go.