Saturday , May 18 2024

Tips for Geeks: An Outdoor Nook with the Look of the Shire

Do you recall the perfect and endlessly green surroundings of the lucky Shire’s hobbits? I bet you do. No wonder Bilbo had such hard time deciding whether to join the dwarves on their adventure. But also, as you may have already noticed, the Shire wasn’t simply blessed to look that way. Every little hobbit had a green thumb or two, and although I wouldn’t dare to race their busy, hairy feet in keeping all things neat, I did find a way to replicate the look with as little effort as possible. I managed this by turning to quality and premium synthetic turf only top online stores can supply and a few other hacks I found sitting around online and some in my very own Tolkien-fed mind.

The endlessly imaginative Tolkien has inspired more than a handful of handy and creative people to make not only a certain area, but their entire homes worthy of Bag End. Well, how cool is that? It’s definitely something I see myself doing in 10 years or so, but for now, I’m cool with having a portion of my garden resemble Bag End, just a place where I can ease my worried mind surrounded by many uniquely gifted wizards – books! Now, my precious readers, let’s move on to the tips and may the adventurous journey begin! Let me be your Gandalf the Grey and lead the way!


Splurge on One, Save on Other

Since the desired Bag End results required nothing less than premium synthetic turf which is of course a little bit expensive, I decided to save some money by turning to thrift shops for the rest of the items. It’s where I got a really hobbit-like looking wooden cabinet with iron details which is the perfect prop for building your own miniature hobbit house. With a little help from a very specific guide, I got the desired results.

Leave a Wild Spot or Two

The contradictory nature of hobbits goes beyond their behavior and is also mirrored in their surroundings. As much as they love the safety and warmth of their homes, they are also thirsty for adventures and even brave enough to take up arms and go into war. There’s a wild spot in every hobbit’s heart and how convenient for me (a lazy gardener) the last piece of the puzzle is to add a bit of perfect imperfection by having a few spots around where all things wild can grow attained and manicured by no one.

wooden bench from hobbitville

One Bench or a Chair & Flowers Everywhere

Again, thrift shops to the rescue! An old wooden chair will definitely do or if you want to be as authentic as possible – try finding a bench. A simple throw pillow is all you’ll need to support your quiet afternoon reading session. Now, when it comes to adoring the space with the right flowers, Tolkien’s got you covered:

“The late afternoon was bright and peaceful. The flowers glowed red and golden: snap-dragons and sunflowers, and nasturtiums trailing all over the turf walls and peeping in at the round windows.” – (The Fellowship of the Ring, J. R. R. Tolkien)

Unpretentious blossoms and vividly coloured petals are most Hobbit-y, so apart from the above mentioned snap-dragons and sunflowers, you can also plant pansys, poppies, petunias, sweetpeas and crocuses. And finally, remember – no admittance except on party business (chuckles).