Saturday , May 18 2024

Bringing Back To Life The Old School Mass Mailing Service

This is, without a doubt, the shining era of marketing. Thorough the whole history of humanity, marketing has never been as accessible and as important as it is now. Now, you can have the best and most innovative product on the market, but if you don’t have a proper marketing strategy that can get the word out, you will most definitely experience failure. These are times of consumerism, and marketing and consumerism go together not just by definition, but in practice as well.

With the rise of the Internet and the social media, marketing has taken a whole new form – online marketing. However, the practice has given us interesting results. Although we live in the era of technology and online realities, people still like to feel and smell all the marketing propaganda that will eventually find its way into someone’s pocket, purse or shopping bag. The mass mailing service is still the most effective marketing trick, simply because it can be felt. When a costumer picks up the mail and reads it, they experience a direct, physical bond with the brand, whereas e-mail marketing usually ends up in the trash bin. With the mass mailing service you send out the material directly and by knowing where the person lives, you can tell a lot about their income, their social status and whether they are competent to be a potential costumer or not. With online marketing, on the other hand, you don’t have a direct contact with the costumer, so you don’t know who you send out your material to and whether they are the real target for your company or not.

Also, almost all companies these days tend to rely mostly or solely on online marketing, so why not make an exception and be authentic? Elderly people, people who don’t have daily access to the internet or simply people who love the “old school” way of getting the news and the ads will be more than delighted about it. This practice can reach out to more costumers, not just those using the Internet to find out about new stuff, because everyone knows that in the business every costumer counts. The use of the old school mass mailing services will most certainly have a great and lasting positive effect on the image of your company and on your business as well, so get those mailing boxes filled up and you’re sure to notice a positive feedback.