Thursday , April 18 2024

The Characteristics of Walnut Modern Coffee Tables That Steal the Spotlight

Regardless of the variety of elements and accessories you may have in your living room, what most defines this space is the furniture. The material of your furniture determines its value, durability and visual appeal, so it is important to make the right pick. And while speaking of aesthetics and longevity, walnut furniture offers the best of both worlds. It comes in all shapes, styles, and finishes. Today I’m going to talk about the beauty of walnut modern coffee table designs specifically, and all the ways they can beautify your living room. Let’s get started, shall we?

walnut modern coffee table

Adds drama to the room

The rich colours of a walnut modern coffee table can easily make it the focal point in your living room. The inside part of the walnut tree which is known as ‘heartwood’ ranges from dark to light brown and sometimes it is even streaked with purple and green. The outer part of the wood is known as ‘sapwood’ and it comes in a range of creamy whites and pale yellows and when combined with the dark walnut. it makes for an amazing piece of art. The grain is usually straight but sometimes it can have a wavy pattern which makes the piece even more unique.

Able to withstand different climate conditions

A quality walnut modern coffee table can withstand both dry and humid climates. You can place it on your porch, deck or patio, but keep in mind that the outdoor elements may shorten its durability and lifespan. Also, make sure not to expose it to direct sunlight to prevent discolouring of the dark coloured walnut.

Stands great under daily use

It may not be the hardest wood, but a walnut coffee table is an ideal choice for daily use as it’s still solid and sturdy. Besides for tables, walnut is also used for the making of wardrobes, bed frames, bureaus, and headboards. This material has been used in furniture manufacturing since the Victorian era, which in other words means that walnut furniture is the perfect way to add historical charm to your home.

Finishing touches

Walnut furniture pieces can have a highly polished finish which is achieved by sanding them with penetrating oil. Some manufacturers even apply a wax topcoat after the oil finish so they can create a more shiny effect. Although the tone and grain of this wood are unique by themselves, some people prefer a more continuous colour. To meet their needs, furniture manufacturers apply stain to even out any colour differences and create a more modern look.