Sunday , June 16 2024

How to Incorporate Military Clothes in Your Everyday Outfits

Developing your clothing style is something that can’t happen overnight, but rather develops for years. Of course, you are always free to start something new and change up the things you are wearing every now and then to keep things fresh. Remember, fashion is not rigid and stiff, it exists to help you express your inner world and show who you are.

However, certain styles might not be the easiest to be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe, and such is the case with the army style. Army clothes might be trendy, but if you have never worn them, start doing it step by step. This means you should buy military clothes that can be matched with the clothes you already have. This way you won’t have to drastically change your style and spend too much money on it.

Get the Basics

Before you purchase anything, it’s important to know that not every piece of military clothes should find its way into your wardrobe. First of all, make sure that the pieces you get are complementary to your style. If you’re often wearing business casual things, then get clothes in army-style that are similar to that so you can easily wear them any time you want.


The easiest way to start your military clothes shopping is with a t-shirt. They can vary in colours, sizes, and designs. Now, your army t-shirt can be as simple as a white t-shirt, but a little emblem or print can change it all. Maybe you are looking for air force print, or perhaps the navy is something you would rather wear. No matter your preference, the t-shirts are easiest to incorporate. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, sweatpants, with trousers you name it.
army t-shirt

Army Pants

These are a bit bolder than most pieces on this list. Army pants are usually in camo print, or earthy colours such as khaki, brown, forest green. These pants are comfortable, made of durable materials and have many large pockets where you can store various things. They are very practical if your job requires carrying tools, but you can also wear them because you like this style. They go perfectly with a simple t-shirt or blouse. Complete the look with a simple denim or leather jacket.
military pants

Trench Coat

For the colder days choose something like a trench coat in the so-called military colours. Olive green, brown, or grey are the perfect colour for these models. The military trench coat has sharp lines and often includes large buttons and epaulettes (in the same colour as the coat), so if you are looking to complete your outfit with something like this, the trench coat can truly be the crown. It will make you look powerful and stylish, and of course, it will keep you warm even on the coldest days.


The first association when it comes to military-style and jackets is the bomber jacket. It came to prominence in the mid-1950s (thanks James Dean) and somehow it is still one of the most wanted items. This type of jacket was originally developed as utility wear, meant to keep pilots warm in cockpits where freezing was as big of a risk as being shot out of the sky.

The trends and styles come and go but this jacket remains and it always seems fresh. So, if you are into it, you can find it in various styles, colours, and made of various materials. You can find light bomber jackets that can be easily incorporated in your style no matter what it is.

It can be made of leather as well, with numerous pockets and belts, so if this is your choice you can be a modern ‘rebel without a cause’ on the streets of your hometown. This jacket is perfect for the change of season and will keep you warm while keeping you stylish and trendy.

Add Some Accessories

The accessories are going to either make or break your style. Many people are starting to incorporate new styles through accessories. And what is an army clothing style without at least one suitable accessory? Start small with a few things and see what works for you. Here are some suggestions.

Baseball Cap

Just like with the t-shirt with suitable army print, the same goes with the baseball cap. Anyone can wear it, with almost anything from sweatpants, to shorts, jeans and business casual clothing. It can be in any colour you prefer and it’s quite a practical thing that will keep your head protected from the harsh UV rays, but also the rain.


Who would say that something as small as a wallet can be a great way to start incorporating army style in your everyday life? Your wallet can be made of any material such as leather or a durable fabric that won’t tear. It’s important that it has a small detail such as Navy or Air Force. It can be a small logo or printed letters, but even these small details can make a huge difference. This can also be a great gift for your military person, in case you don’t feel ready to incorporate this style yet.
military wallet

It’s All in the Details

Speaking of details, the logos are the game-changer, but the details aren’t only that. Living during the pandemic we’re all wearing masks, so you can get a mask with a proper filter and cool army design. It would make you stand out and stay true to your style. Besides a mask, you can get cool socks with navy details for example. Or, if you already like your clothes at home, you can always get an army patch and sew it yourself (your denim jacket would instantly become ten times cooler).