Sunday , June 16 2024

Sleek, Unique, Simple & Chic: The Power of Black Aprons for Your Staff (When Styled Right)

As a restaurant or cafe owner, you’re already used to thinking about details, details, details. That being said, the importance of your staff’s uniforms shouldn’t even be discussed. What should be discussed though is how to distinguish your business from others without overdoing it. One great way to achieve that is to stick to the approach that ties the notions of classic and urban together – the shirt and apron combo. Colour wise, the good old black should be what the look is all about, to put it simply.

Black is the colour of sophistication without a doubt and that makes it a great choice for not only the base of your staff’s uniforms but almost everything else. The idea is to pair a black shirt with a black apron and add only a small detail or two, just enough to break the monotony. This way, your staff members will be easy to distinguish without them overpowering the atmosphere with some vibrant and bold combos. In fact, as of late, uniforms have undergone some rather freeing changes and the look most restaurant and cafe owners lean towards can be described as casual and fun. However, it’s gotten to the point where staff members nowadays (more often than not) appear not serious enough. That being said, going back to the basics is what can be considered the new way to stand out.

Black oxford shirts paired with cool black aprons may sound like it would be too much darkness all at once, however, keep in mind that the black of the shirt and the black of the apron can create a soft contrast themselves. The difference in materials and the clear-cut edges of the apron itself are also going to play a role in that. And finally, the game changer – the straps. Cool black aprons with tan straps can look very polished and sleek, break the monotony while keeping the simplicity intact. If you wish to personalize the look, you can get aprons which are suitable for embroidery decoration.

Finally, the above-mentioned combo would not only pleasing to your customers’ eyes but also convenient for both you and your staff due to it being a unisex choice. Just make sure that the straps are adjustable so that any member of your staff can feel comfortable wearing their apron. The most common materials used for the making of soft, comfortable, yet durable aprons are durable polyester and canvas cotton. You can also get aprons with cross-back straps (for extra support and an additional dose of coolness). Ideally, the aprons should also have practical rectangle chest and side pockets.