Saturday , May 18 2024

The Basic Pieces of the Caravan Towing Puzzle

When it comes to caravanning, I believe it’s safe to say that towing is one of the least interesting parts of the whole story. However, it’s one that’s immensely important as well, which is why it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Aside from complying with the national towing regulations, a caravan owner should also make sure to have all the necessary towing parts. Read on to find out what the main caravan towing parts are.

The Tow Bar

In order to travel safely, every caravan owner in our country must equip their vehicle with a properly designed and fitted tow bar. The tow bar is one of the crucial caravan towing accessories because it’s the framework attached to the rear of the tow vehicle. When looking for this item, keep in mind that it mustn’t exceed the maximum load rated capacity approved by the manufacturer of your tow vehicle and that it shouldn’t stick out dangerously when your trailer isn’t connected.


The Ball Mount

In addition to the tow bar, the ball mount (also known as the tongue) is the part of the tow bar to which the tow ball is attached. This item can be either straight or curved to achieve the right coupling height. When it comes to this basic caravan towing part, you should remember that it must be removed from the tow bar when the caravan isn’t attached if it obscures the number plate.

The Tow Ball

According to the Australian Design Rules & Standards, the tow ball must be a one piece element, 50 mm in diameter, fitted to the vehicle with a locking washer and properly sized nut, and must have the manufacturer’s name or trademark stamped on the flange. Such tow balls are suitable for ATM weights up to 3500 kg.

The Coupling Body and the Drawbar

The coupling body is another essential towing part. It’s the section that’s attached to the ‘A’ frame of the caravan and that forms a socket for the tow ball. These caravan towing accessories must be marked with their capacity, the manufacturer’s name, and the size of the tow ball they’re suitable for.

The drawbar is the front part of the trailer or caravan chassis to which the coupling body is attached with the help of bolts, nuts, and locking washers. Keep in mind that adding additional items to the drawbar isn’t advisable.

Safety Chains

Safety chains are mandatory in all states and territories of Australia. When shopping for safety chains for your caravan, opt for ones that are strong enough to hold the trailer and keep the drawbar from touching the ground if the coupling body accidentally disconnects from the tow ball.

Towing Mirrors

Since you take up extra space on the road when you tow your caravan, equipping your tow vehicle with towing mirrors is a must. Towing mirrors allow the tow vehicle driver to see the greater distance behind much more clearly.

Clip-on or strap-on car mirrors for towing caravans are among the most popular towing mirrors because they are affordable and can be adjusted from the tow vehicle cabin.