Thursday , April 18 2024

Add Curb Appeal with a Mailbox That Delivers Style and Functionality

Even though we have shifted to mail and Facebook as our primary means of written communication, the traditional door-to-door mail is far from dead. Every morning I get that rush of excitement when I walk out to check what I have received in the mail. And that feeling is even more intensified once holidays are around the corner and I get heaps of cards from my loved ones. But even if brochures, flyers and junk mail are all you receive, a letterbox can still have a charming side you perhaps haven’t discovered yet.

You see, the letterbox is the first thing one sees upon entering your yard, so naturally it becomes the focal point of the entire exterior. With a good design that perfectly compliments the facade, it can significantly enhance your house’s curb appeal. And with the plethora of letterboxes Australia stores sell, there is certainly something for everyone.

But before you go through the wide selection of letterboxes Australia online and offline retailers offer, you need to have a mounting option in mind. If you want the letterbox to be positioned on your porch for easy access so you can check it without getting out of your PJs, you might want to consider a door mount. Some door mounted models even include a back-side opening so you can conveniently check the mail without going out the door. But if you have a door that you want to show off, building your letterbox into one of the walls is probably the best option. A sleek minimalistic wall mounted letterbox can blend seamlessly into a home’s facade.

However, if you are a person who likes taking a refreshing morning walk to get the mail, there are external mounts as well. If you have a fence surrounding your yard, you have just the right place to mount a letterbox. With this type of letterbox, you can lock the fence before going on holiday and the postman will still be able to deliver your mail. If you do not have a fence, or are a fan of vintage designs, I have good news for you – the classic post mounted letterbox is still available. Also called the curbside box, this model is largely popular for homes embracing a mid-century style.

The final important decision regarding letterboxes, is the material. Having in mind that it’s going to sit there and it will be exposed to the elements 24/7, a durable and resistant material is a must. Stainless steel models that are coated against corrosion are perhaps the best choice for the rough Australian weather conditions. But fans of the traditional can also browse through the range that letterboxes Australia online stores offer to find wooden models made out of strong and water-resistant timber such as Accoya. In the end, it’s all a matter of taste. Wooden models give a warm and classic appeal to the exterior, while the metal ones convey modernity and sophistication.