Saturday , May 28 2022

How to Upgrade Your Contemporary Home with an Accent Chair

Accent chairs are statement pieces. They are versatile in every sense of the word since they come in various designs and can easily find their place in every room. They are most often used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and hallways, but homeowners with spacious bathrooms can make use of such chair for that area too.

When it comes to their design, there range from more traditional to contemporary furniture chairs which means regardless of your previously established interior style, you can easily fit an accent chair in your scheme.

That being said, let’s take a look at the four most popular designs.


Armchairs are usually large, comfortable chairs that feature support from each side so you can rest your arms. The armchair offers a classic appeal that usually resembles the look of other seating pieces in one’s living room. Such types of designer chairs can be the perfect addition to to a three-seated sofa or they can be used as accent pieces in hallways. You can opt for a fully upholstered model with wooden legs that can provide maximum comfort.

modern armchair for living room


Swivel Chair

A swirl, spinny or revolving chair is a type specially designed for those who need more movement in their sitting. This chair can be a perfect addition to your home office where you can swing amidst your filing cabinets. Another great thing about swivel chairs is that they’re available in designs similar to armchairs. As such, these versatile contemporary furniture chairs can be easily incorporated in any modern living room, bedroom or hallway.

Note: Higher quality ones usually feature a stainless steel swivel base, while the seating area is upholstered.

Rocking Chair

Although it’s not clear who invented the rocking chair, some research studies claim that Benjamin Frankin is the original inventor. One thing is for sure: rocking chairs are still popular nowadays in modern and contemporary home designs. They are characterised by their curved legs, which serve as a mechanism to rock back and forth. Contemporary rocking chairs come with an extra set of straight legs which gives you the option to convert yours into a classic accent chair.

Since they are extremely comfortable and flexible, they often find their place in nursery rooms. The contemporary design can easily match most living room styles too. Since this modern chair offers plenty of back support, comfortable armrests and smooth motion, you can also place it on your patio or porch.

light pink rocking chair


Club Chair

Club chairs are comfy, roomy armchairs with extra deep seats. These chairs come in beautiful designs, executed in rattan and hardwood with cushioned seat and they often feature removable back cushion. The most comfortable models are fully upholstered with high-quality linen. Club chairs are perfect for contemporary living rooms and bedrooms. You can also find African inspired handmade club chairs that can be the base of your relaxation corner on the porch.

Important Aspects to Consider


The perfect accent chair should upgrade your home not only style-wise, but also regarding functionality. For instance, an accent chair can be used as a handy additional dining chair or as a relaxing seat to lounge on in front of the TV. It can add functionality to your bedroom too since you can use it to create a comfy reading nook (so you can read without disturbing your partner while they’re sleeping, or simply, feel more comfortable yourself). As long as your seating matches your target room’s overall style, you can always find a good purpose for it.

home interior design for living room



When choosing a colour for your accent chair, you need to decide if your space could use a dynamic burst of energy or some calming hues. You can make it match some colourful details you already have present in artworks, pillows, throw blankets or rugs. Have in mind that sticking to neutral tones makes it easier to mix your setting by moving your accent chair in a different room.

You can’t go wrong with grey, whites, brown, cream and black. Where you will place your accent chair is very important regarding this decision. For instance, if you re going to place it in front of a dramatic wallpaper, you should opt for muted colours. If it’s going to be cornered by plain white walls, you can choose bold colours, such as green, yellow, or orange. Blush or navy are shades subtle enough to blend with most colour schemes while still adding some vibrancy.

Texture & Material

An accent chair should feel soft, yet offer firm support. That being said, polyester, rayon and linen blends offer the right balance of sturdy and comfortable seating. Serviceability of the fabric is also important, especially if you have kids and pets, which is why you should consider washable loose covers for the heavy wear areas, or at least materials that can be sponged. When it comes to the leg material, breach wood and stainless steel are good, high quality and choices that offer sturdiness.