Saturday , June 15 2024

Practical Accessories for Your Ute

One of the most appealing aspects of getting a ute is the fact that you can upgrade it with aftermarket accessories. You can leave your mark and get the specific function you actually need the truck for anyway. On the market you’ll find a variety of customisation options for utes, however, some are more useful than others. The following ute accessories can be suitable for different professions, personal and recreation needs and preferences.

Checker Plate Toolbox

Using the space behind the cabin (or double cabin) to store your tools is very convenient and everyone does it. To keep everything neatly stored and safe, you may want to get a sturdy checker plate toolbox. You are free to go with any material, however, aluminium and stainless steel are impact-resistant and will withstand all kinds of weather. They are the most durable checker plate toolboxes too, especially if it is reinforced on the inside with a strong welded bar.

checker plate toolbox


These aftermarket ute parts are made with tough conditions in mind. Due attention is paid to every detail. Even the piano hinges are made from the same sturdy material. And every opening has a rubber seal to prevent the accumulation of dust and water inside the toolbox.

Ute owners also go for a checker plate toolbox not only for the guaranteed longevity but also because of the grip that comes with the non-slippery pattern. This means that the various items you store inside will remain securely in place, reducing the risk of potential damage.

When buying a checker plate tool box, remember to inspect the features too. Go for checker plate boxes that come with T-handle locks (and the option to use a padlock) – this will additionally increase the safety of your belongings. There are a lot of configurations of the ute toolbox. This applies to the inside as well.

You can also pick an adjustable-height internal shelf, different arrangement of drawers and storing spaces. If you have a very specific task to fulfil with your ute then double-check the drawers’ distribution before reaching for your wallet. Some even have gas struts that support the lid when the toolbox is opened.

Roof Racks

You can add a roof rack to any vehicle. The ute is no exception. Some go for permanent roof aftermarket accessories, while others go for removable parts. It all comes down to your specific needs. If you are interested in adding a rooftop tent for camping, then make sure your setup is firmly in place. Sometimes ute owners just need a place to keep their rain tarp. Or canopies that are meant to keep the vehicle dry and dust-free.

Those that use a ute for recreation usually go for racks that can carry their sports equipment such as bicycles, kayaks, skis and the like. Make sure you have the appropriate means to secure this load during transport. Failing to do so will not only damage your gear, but can also pose road safety threat to other vehicles.

Ute Ladder Rack

ute tray with ladder racks


A ute ladder rack serves to add some height to the back of your ute. It can be used as an extra hand-hold for ute tray riders. The main use of the ladder rack is to extend the useful space of the truck, the headroom from the top of the tray in particular. This comes quite handy for carrying long lengths of timber or pipe across great distances.

If the ladder rack is not enough, an H-rack can be added to the nudge bar and you practically use the whole length of the ute. It can’t get more functorial than that.

Some ute ladder racks can have welded ears, removable pins, or tradesman ending, as opposed to the plain racks. We are talking high degree of customization here, so if you need such item, you probably need to order it specifically adapted to your vehicle.

Ute Cover

Partial or semi-permanent covers for the back of the ute are more popular than you’d think. Utes are bought for the empty tray that can store different types of loads from drums to rocks, logs, or construction machinery. For that reason, some ute owners want to close the back of the vehicle to protect the various loads from outside factors.

Some go for a canopy, others go for a tub liner, or even a hard lid. Just bear in mind that the enclosure of your front cabin is mostly sealed against foreign particles by several layers. If you add a canopy on top of your ute tray don’t expect it to offer the same protection as your passenger compartment. Dust-proofing it will take additional steps and extra efforts. You can have all sorts of distribution of windows and doors and you can go as hard as you need to. It all depends on the intent behind buying the ute in the first place.

ute protective cover



Doing body repair on your vehicle can be expensive. And not only that, critical damage to the chassis can leave you stranded in the middle of nowehere. That is why adding bullbars, nudge bars, bumpers and the like, is recommended. When you are off the beaten path, you’re always at risk to experience a head-on collision with stray animals, or even kangaroos.

That being said, protect the front of your ute and don’t forget the bumper, headlights and windscreen too. If an accident does happen, you will be happy you invested in preventing damage to the vital.