Saturday , May 18 2024

Here’s Why You Should Start Consuming Casein Protein

Protein is one of the key nutrients we need for maintaining optimum health. The recommended daily amount of protein is about 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women. According to the researches of the Australian Sports Commission athletes need to take a higher amount of protein on a daily basis in order to endure the physical effort.

Food is the primary source of protein, but getting a recommended daily amount of proteins through diet, is not always doable. This is why athletes, fitness fanatics and people on a strict workout regime, turn to protein supplements. Casein, along with whey protein, is the most popular supplement used. In fact, this is the type of protein that is found in milk and contains most of the amino acids your body cannot synthesize on its own. It is also known as the slow-digestion protein. If you want to learn how casein can help you bring your training to the next level, read on, we’ve made a more detailed overview of the main benefits of using this protein, which are at the same time reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy casein protein powder.


Slow and Steady Flow of Amino Acids

Unlike most of the protein supplements that cause an instant spike of the concentration of amino acids in your bloodstream, the amino acids provided by casein remain in your bloodstream for up to several hours. The slow protein breakdown makes casein a good between-meal protein snack that helps you suppress your cravings. Moreover, the slow digestion provides your muscles with a steady source of amino acids that are essential for building muscle mass.

Increased Fat Loss

Casein protein can aid you in achieving faster weight loss results. In fact, studies have shown that the higher the protein intake (which usually means lower carbohydrates intake) the greater the fat loss is. Casein is proven to be the highest in quality source of proteins that are absorbed in the digestive tract and not excreted by the body – which is the case with the low-quality protein sources.

Muscle Building and Recovery

The key to building muscle is the balance between protein synthesis and protein breakdown. This means to build muscle mass in a faster and more efficient way, you need proteins that acan be synthesized quickly but broken down at a slow rate. The fact that the casein protein is released in the body slowly makes it a highly-potent muscle building supplement. Also, by providing your muscles with essential amino acids for several hours, you will enable the muscle fibers repair and recover faster, while decreasing the soreness which is likely to occur after an intensive workout.