Thursday , April 18 2024

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

There is beauty in simplicity indeed, but most of the time simple things make our life too boring. The best way to avoid dullness is by adding or doing something new in life. If you want to bring some change in your home, the answer is much simpler than you think. It is actually a centuries old idea when it comes to decorating (those people really had an eye for style) and it is making a huge comeback: hanging wallpapers. We often pay much attention to the living room but overlook the bedroom although we do spend a lot of our lives sleeping. So, in your next home makeover, think of spicing up your bedroom with a wallpaper pattern you really like. You will certainly make it a very special place. Whether creating an accent wall or concentrating on four matching walls, the decision is entirely up to you.

When it comes to wallpaper online stores are the perfect option to buy from, as they have an array of different wallpaper types, styles, designs and patterns. All you need to do is surf around and look for a reliable online shop to find quality dazzling wallpapers at affordable prices. Here are a few ideas of ours to help you find the right wallpaper for your bedroom.

Louis XIV Bedroom

If you are passionate about antique glamour and have styled your bedroom with sturdy Baroque Louis XIV furniture pieces in white/cream upholstery with dark wood frame, you can use wallpapers in pastel colours like baby blue, peach and grey in intricate flower designs or damask (such as the Grand Tour Rezzonico).

Mid-century Bedroom

To break the monotony of mid-century bedroom furniture pieces characterised by their clean and simple lines, add one accent wall with some eye-catching trellis wallpaper or the much adored geometric shapes. When searching for your wallpaper online from these designs, you will come across a large selection, so choose one that will add to your current interior design. Wild Gardens Lattice can be used for a classy sophisticated 50s look.

Modern Bedroom

Since animal print wallpapers are wild, fun and intriguing, if combined adequately you are sure to get a modern spark. Look through the wide range of animal prints (like zebra stripe or leopard print) to find your bedroom’s exotic fit.


Small Bedroom

The best way to accentuate a small bedroom is by having a small print wallpaper, so you do not lose the beauty of the print. This way you will also create a more soothing atmosphere, ideal for your beauty sleep. To add more dimension and make the bedroom livelier and visually bigger, choose vertical or horizontal patterns to get a taller and wider look respectively. Light colours have the same effect. Clarisse Jolie, which can be found in eight colours, will surely make a difference in your small bedroom.

Industrial Bedroom

Be it small or master sized, you can transform your industrial looking bedroom from drab to fab only by adding the right wallpaper. Timber, brick and board designs (or a modernised mix like the Ingrid & Mika Maatila Talo) are the perfect match for your cute as a button industrial furniture.