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Margaret River Wines: Embodiment of Taste, Price and Class

The Margaret River wine region in Western Australia is rich with beautiful nature and high-quality wine. Surrounded on three sides by the crystal clear ocean it has the perfect climate for producing quality grapes with exquisite flavour. The first vineyard was established in 1967 on the suggestion of Dr John Gladstone – he was the first to discover the perfect wine producing conditions of this region.

Margaret River is a wonderful mix of natural beauty and sophisticated and relaxing lifestyle. On the north, the breathtaking blue waters of Geographe Bay offer exciting surfing adventures, while the sandy beaches are a perfect place for relaxing and soaking up in the golden sunlight. The ancient cave-carved Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge is the perfect place for awakening the inner explorer in you, while the historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse on the south will give you a breathtaking view of the splendid scenery.

The heart of the region are the picturesque vineyards producing world-class wines. The pleasant maritime climate provides the perfect conditions for growing some of the best grape varieties in the world. The vast region, which is almost 100 kilometres long and 27 kilometres wide, ensures that every vineyard has its own unique characteristics producing a wide range of wines that express the natural beauty and diversity of the area.

Margaret River Wines Online

Margaret River is the home of some of the best wine varieties in the world out of which Cabernet Sauvignon was the first one to win international acclaim and a wide-spread popularity for its sophisticated complexity and taste. The region is also known for making some of the best Chardonnay in the country. The unique wine-making techniques make this wine more concentrated and complex while lacking unnecessary sweetness and heaviness. Moreover, there is an evident spike in the sales of Margaret River wines online which is one more proof of their greatness and unique taste.

Other varieties with worldwide popularity include the intense, yet elegant Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon with distinctive freshness from the citrus as well as lemon blossom. Furthermore, various styles of Merlot and Shiraz are also available ranging from medium peppery to rich fruity wines. Wine lovers will definitely enjoy the unique and sophisticated wine varieties coming from the picturesque Margaret River. Over 100 producers from the region offer unique, quality wines enriched with natural and powerful flavours influenced by the amazing biodiversity and the beautiful ocean.

The wine community at Margaret River is fully dedicated to producing the best wines on the market. With numerous awards and international recognition, there is indeed something special and magical about them and that is why people from all over the world order Margaret River wines online and enjoy in the unique taste of Australia’s most renowned vineyards. Each of the wines reflect the creativity of the passionate producers who combine pure talent and special techniques to perfect the wine production and create a true embodiment of sophisticated taste and class.