Thursday , April 18 2024

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes when Buying Printer Ink

Documents, pictures, memos and invitations, the printer can be your best hard-copy friend. You have one in your home or at your workplace, and suddenly a wild problem appears – you’re out of ink. Do not panic, now is the right time to change your ink. In my opinion buying printer ink is a pretty straightforward job. Even though to do it just right you will need to a couple of things, in this article we will go through the five common mistakes people make when they decide to buy printer ink.


Read the Manual

I don’t mean to sound offensive, but when you ask the salesperson a thousand questions, he might get frustrated, so get a little information before making your purchase. Inside the manual there is tons of information that will help you find out what size and type of ink you need! On the other hand, when you buy printer ink online, you won’t be bothering anyone and everything is already written on the page of the retail store. Usually, printers come with hard-copy manual or a CD where the manual is in PDF file and you can easily access it on your computer. With the correct information the sales clerk will help you instantly!


Don’t Forget to Write the Cartridge Number or Printer Model

In my opinion, this is INK shopping 101, and you will need to write down or make a photo using your phone to be 100% sure. If for any reason you cannot find your manual, you can still open the printer and take the old printer ink with you.


Picking the Wrong Ink Can Be Costly!

While choosing from the two general types of ink cartradiges, it is quite important to pick the correct ink type for your printer. The two general types of ink are: dye-based and pigment-based inks. If you pick the wrong one, the damage can be catastrophic since you can destroy your printer. Dye-based inks are stable and they create prints with amazing and vibrant colours. Nevertheless, there could be issues because of the slow drying process and the blurred pictures. On the other hand, pigment-based inks dry much quicker and offer you clearer pictures.


Going Cheap: Should I Refill or Not?

A lot of companies offer you this function, yet it is not so popular. They might cost less money, but the risks that go along with it are just way too serious. Stay away from refill kits and companies that do it, sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new one than to refill it. It may seem cheaper at first, but at the end if the refill is not done right, you will have to pay printer repairs which can be very expensive!


The Trap of the Overpriced

Usually, when you shop in retail stores, they want you to break the bank. They will always offer you the most expensive ink and that does not mean it is the best. However, if you browse online, you can easily make your decision and buy printer ink that has the greatest quality and has a reliable price. In this case, you surely cannot make any mistake, because the printer is in front of you, you can find the correct number, type, and size and in just 2 or 3 days it will be delivered to your home!