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Tips on How to Experience Argentina’s Essence to the Fullest

Thinking of holidaying in Argentina? The home of the tango and the pampas might not be as popular as Paris or Los Angeles, but it sure is a travel destination for unique and enriching experiences!

Located at the bottom of South America, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. It is famous for the glorious Andes mountain range, spectacular waterfalls, delicious wine, entertaining tango and the captivating city of Buenos Aires.

There are numerous Argentina travel packages available online, designed by travel experts to highlight the best Argentina has to offer. Some packages can also be customized to become your dream vacation. From the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires to the natural grandeur of the Iguazu Falls, to the stunning landscapes of Patagonia, one of the many Argentina travel packages available should be able to match your travel preferences and budget.

Here are some of the things you must do while visiting Argentina.

Visit Bariloche

This city is part of a region called Patagonia, which makes up a large portion of Argentina. A trip to Argentina would not be complete without a visit to this vast and incredible landscape were you will be fascinated by the azure pools surrounded by mountains and the alpine-inspired architecture.

Try Argentinian Food

Argentina has an excellent reputation for its quality beef. While in Argentina, make sure you try the asado in Buenos Aires, which is the Argentinian way of BBQ. Beef plays a major role in the Argentina cuisine and the country’s main meat dishes include steaks like bife the costilla, matambre arrolado(a thin cut of beef), and empanadas.

Learn About Art and Culture in Buenos Aires

Being the birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires is one of Latin America’s liveliest cities. It has all the amenities you would expect in a world-class city – great restaurants, fashion, wicked nightlife, theaters, botanical gardens, museums, zoos, etc. Learning a little about Argentina’s culture is most easily done in this wonderful city as you take a tour through the vibrant neighborhoods like Palermo, San Telmo, and the central areas of Montserrat and San Nicolas, where theaters abound.

Admire the Iguazu Falls

On your holiday to Argentina, you must visit the Iguazu Falls. It is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and consist more than 270 different waterfall cascades. Some packages include a stay in hotels on either side of Iguazu Falls (Brazil and Argentina) for a couple of nights, so you can experience it from both perspectives.