Monday , May 20 2024

Beach Tent: Stay Cool, Comfortable and Protected

If you have been to the beach lately, you have probably noticed these small tents dotting the sand. When going to the beach, aside from the sunblock, trendy swimsuit, beach toys and other beach-friendly gadgets like a wireless speaker, you also need to take something to provide you with shade. While an umbrella is usually the go-to option, more and more people have discovered that beach tents are far more practical. Let’s see in more details the advantages of having such a sun beach shelter are.

Always in the Shade

Sunglasses and umbrellas may not always be enough to provide protection from the sun, so having a beach shade tent will come in handy. Exposure to UV radiation present in sunlight is known to be an environmental human carcinogen, so you need to get a pop-up beach tent, a practical design for instant set up and quick pack up, to provide shade for you and your family, as well as for your belongings and pets.

Sunburn is also a common risk that’s associated with going to the beach as many beaches are in areas with a high UV index, and this is another reason why you need appropriate sun protection. This especially goes if you are visiting the beach with babies and young children who, as you know, are extra sensitive to the sun.

As it can get really hot on the beach, it’s normal that you carry drinks in a cooler box with you. This cooler box also has to be under a shade in order to keep the drinks cool for a long time. Your phone and other accessories that you usually carry with you should also be kept away from direct sunlight. Plus, you won’t have to move this sun beach shelter around, as you would have to with a beach umbrella, because the interior of this tent is always out of the sun.

beach shade tent

Wind Protection

A fun and relaxing day at the beach can quickly be ruined by sudden winds. Things can get blown away into the ocean and sand can be blown into your eyes too, stopping you from enjoying your day. In such moments, you’ll find a beach tent very useful, as it offers shelter from the wind too, unlike an umbrella.

What winds can a tent withstand? – you probably wonder. Well, most beach tents are designed to withstand a certain amount of wind, usually with speeds up to 30 mph. Following this, speeds over 30mph may cause damage. Yet, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your tent will survive even on higher-speed winds. For instance, since we usually bring a lot of things with us on the beach, you can put your belongings around the insides of the tent and they will keep your tent stable. Even though most beach tents come with stakes and tie-downs, this may not always be practical on the beach, as it depends on the consistency of the sand and the wind.

Child Safety

Aside from providing protection from the sun, a shade beach tent provides additional benefits that improve child safety at the beach. For instance, if you have a young baby, the interior of the tent will offer an environment free from sand that may otherwise be ingested or end up in their eyes. The baby is going to be protected from the sun and the abrasive sand while taking a nap, having a snack, or just while having a cuddle with you.

If you have older children, on the other hand, a brightly coloured tent will provide a visual anchor and help them avoid becoming disoriented on the beach. A beach tent is highly visible due to its height and bright colours, and you will find it especially useful when on a crowded beach, full of people, umbrellas and towels.

Increased Privacy

As changing into swimming suits and trunks can often be a problem at the beach, a beach shelter will give you privacy for you and your family to change clothes, change your baby’s diapers or for a nursing session. This is the reason why many tents have a zipped front door which can be closed to create complete privacy within.

tents for the beach


As it might rain or suddenly become cold at the beach, this shelter will keep you warm and protected from bad weather. Also, the sea may spray water your way, and the tent will provide you with a convenient and safe place to put your belongings so they don’t get damaged. This tent also offers comfort thanks to its interior usually made of smooth, non-abrasive fabric that makes it very comfortable to sit in, especially for small children.

Easy Transport & Set-Up

What’s great about beach tents is that they’re foldable and compact when not in use since they’re made of light-weight material. They usually come in a carrying case with handles thus making it really easy to carry along. The poles are attached to the tent and they are light and flexible. They simply fold out and pop into position for setting up, and then, they just fold back in and together when the time comes to leave.