Thursday , April 18 2024

Beginner’s Guide to Essential Cycling Gear

As the weather conditions are already working in our favour, it’s time for you to think about getting your bike out of storage or investing in one if you don’t have one yet. But before planning on hitting the road, first, you should prepare for the ride ahead of time. This is essential to reduce the chances of injury and frustration of not having some basic yet so important gear with you. Whether going on short or long and intense rides, you should stay road-ready.

Hydration Pack

Hydration backpack


Cycling is aphysical activity that requires the rider to stay hydrated all the time in order to have the needed energy during the ride. And while water bottles might do the job when going on shorter rides, they aren’t ideal when going on longer distances. Generally speaking, this backpack usually consists of two main compartments – a larger main compartment and a smaller front compartment.

The larger back part of the pack is designed to hold the hydration bladder or hose in order to allow you to drink from it while on the bike. Such a hydration pack provides ultimate flexibility and it’s super convenient when on the go. The smaller front compartment on the backpack is usually used for storing some extra items like your phone, keys, food and some extra layers of clothing just in case.

When looking for the right hydration water pack, make sure to choose one with a bladder that’s easy to fill. Practice shows that the ones with wider mouth openings are easier to open and fill with water. Speaking of bladders, make sure to choose one that’s made of BPA-free material. When in the search for the right type, you should also pay attention to the pack’s capacity, its material and waterproofness.

All of this is crucial for being able to carry the needed amount of water while keeping it cool. The chosen material should be durable enough to carry all of the needed gear as well which is another reason why you should pay more attention to this. The chosen pack should also have all the needed compartments and pockets in order to make your rides easier and more comfortable. Ideally, you should look for one in a store that sells biking, hiking and camping products.

Sturdy Helmet



Staying safe while cycling is paramount, even when going on short rides. And one of the most fundamental and basic types of gear you should have is the helmet. A safety bike helmet can save your life and protect your head in case of an accident.

Even though in the past helmets were quite sturdy and uncomfortable, nowadays, you can choose from a large selection of helmets ranging in appearance, size, shape, design and colour. These days helmets are extremely comfortable, stylish, breathable and versatile. This means that you can wear the same one when skating, skateboarding, running, etc.

In order to obtain all of its benefits and safety above all, you should opt for the right size in order to protect your brain and head. A too-loose or too-tight helmet can reduce your protection and can do more harm than good. Ideally, you should measure your head, and check on the size chart when looking for the right size.

Aside from providing protection and keeping your head safe, helmets are also great for keeping your head and face protected from bad weather. That being said, when in the search for the right model, you can choose one with a visor in order to protect you from rain, sun UV rays, wind, etc.

Speaking of visors, make sure to select a helmet with an adjustable visor which will allow you to adjust it according to your needs. There are lots of safety bike helmet models from which you can choose, however, it’s said that the mountain bike helmet offers more coverage. Truth is there are many things that you can consider when in the search for the right model, the most important thing is to opt for one that offers the needed padding, protection and breathability.




Your bike is an investment that you need to keep safe. Even though you keep it in the garage or shed, having a lock can help you improve its safety. There are different types of locks out there, allowing you to choose just the right one for your needs. While combination and keyed locks are among the most commonly used, for quick rides in the city (to the shop or grocery), you can invest in a smaller and lightweight bike lock.

Spare Tube

Separate tyre


A flat tyre can happen to anyone whether you like it or not, so staying ready especially when on the road is paramount in such situations. For that reason, you should invest in a spare tube since they are handy and easy to carry. These tubes can have two different types of valves: skinny and fatter, so the type you choose should depend on the size of your tyre.

Seat Bag

Seat bag


When cycling on longer distances, you’ll need to carry more gear with you. So, if not having enough space in the hydration bag, you can always invest in a seat bag. These bags are ideal for storing gear, a torch, tools, your wallet and other items that you want to carry with you. The best of all is that a bag of this kind can be carried on the bike, allowing you to have easy access to everything.