Sunday , May 29 2022

The Art of the 5 Billion Star Hotel

You know, nature also has a way of promoting its tourism industry. It’s called camping and it’s the absolute best! You don’t need pockets full of money to enjoy a nice, out of the city vacation. However, it’s ridiculous how much we underestimate the beauty of camping. When someone mentions it, we only think about dirt, no restaurant meals and no hot bubble baths. Well yeah, that’s true, but we can do all of these things in our town, city or village. What our human spirit actually needs is a place where nature hasn’t been rearranged by the man’s hand. But somehow many of us seem to ignore this innate need and thus forget about our real nature.

Me personally, I always try to keep as close to nature as possible. That’s why I’ve been a camping freak for years now and I sincerely recommend it to everyone. Without exceptions! When I first started my adventurous vacation in the woods, I had to buy a tent. As soon as I had it, I was on my way to the wilderness together with a group of friends, but I have to tell you, that first experience was not what I expected. It turned out you also need sleeping bags, lightning, portable fridges, all kinds of tools and so much more. It’s true that the nature was mind – bending, but that was not the case with our trip. We got lost, our only source of light was the flash of our phones, it took us hours before we set up the tent and the most important, we all came back with a sore throat and back pain.


But that was many years ago. Today my camping kit is upgraded to its fullest and you can see me going camping any time of the year. I bought most of my camping gear online because there is such a variety of amazing products on the net. Take that from an old camper. Now with all the cool camping gear I own, I can say it: my home is where I park it. It can be in the woods, on an isolated beach or on the mountain. That’s the awesome thing about camping. You can go wherever you want and enjoy whatever view you prefer, the only requirement is that you keep your surroundings clean.

If you consider camping, you’ll be surprised by all the magic around us that we ignore because we’re blindfolded. I don’t say you have to leave your city for good, but a trip to the mountains every now and then will clean your spirit and open your mind. Camping is art and it’s a way of life. Once you start this adventure, it will be very hard to take a step back. Every person who’s tasted nature wants another bite. It’s that addictive and it’s that good. However camping cannot be truly enjoyed without the proper equipment, take me for example. Before starting your own trip to the nature and make an awesome story out of it, consider looking for some camping gear online or at some random camping store. It takes a few steps to make your camping experience the greatest of your life, but it takes fewer steps to make it the worst, so be sure you’re opting for excitement instead of disaster.