Saturday , May 28 2022

Quality Manchester Bed Linen: Life’s Too Short to Spend It Sleeping on Cheap Materials

We humans are fun, interesting creatures (I’m not going to say peculiar…). Though we’re not all the same in personality since some are more emotional, others on the other hand more practical, we still share that same feeling of connection to the homes we live in. There’s no place better on earth than my house, and I’m sure the same goes for you with yours, yet, if I had to pick out one room that I particularly love, it’s got to be the bedroom. Nothing beats it because it’s my sanctuary, in a way it’s like the secret corner kids have, separating them from this world and allowing them to roam free in worlds of their own.

While I don’t let anything disrupt my good night’s sleep, keeping electronics out of the way at night, there are still things I’d rather do in the bedroom than anywhere else in the house. This is the case with reading, finishing off work tasks, creating shopping lists and sometimes eating (guilty as charged). As such, my bedroom simply has to ooze comfort and I find that helps me even with work. I managed to create a sort of oasis thanks to using the interior the best I can, having colours and patterns merge together starting from the warm lilac tones of the wallpaper, the darker tones of the picture frames, lighter tones of the mirror frame, intricate embroidery on the curtains and rug, and of course the heavenly manchester bed linen, the combination of cotton and polyester.


The reason I prefer having this material mixture linen is because it provides the best of both worlds, getting cotton’s breathability and softness, plus polyester’s durability and low maintenance due to wrinkle resistance. Polyester on its entirety makes the linen unbearable to use during warm months because of the heat retention, irritating sensitive skin and absorbing oil stains, whereas pure cotton can be a nightmare for ironing, easily shrink and even thin after frequent use. I’ve had my share of bad bed linen, and it took some time to figure out it affected my quality of sleep. After finding it out, I thought life is too short to spend it sleeping on bad bed linen so I made purchasing quality manchester bed linen one of the priorities.

Now I know what royals feel like, and having such comfortable linen gives me the excuse to stay longer in bed; not that I need one thanks to the latest studies of scientists proving women need more sleep than men. Does your bed linen help you sail away to dreamland as soon as your head his the pillow?