Wednesday , August 4 2021

Swap Out an Old Mixer Tap to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the hub for many activities. Some of the fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. It’s the warmest place in the house where the dinner is delicious and the smiles are big. To make the most of this high-traffic area in your house, you want to keep your kitchen clean, organised and up to date. Whether you are planning a complete remodelling, an easy and appealing renovation with a floating floor or just replacing your old tap, it’s essential to do your research and make the right choices.

Choosing kitchen sinks and taps can be an overwhelming task. The kitchen tap is one of the most used fixtures in the kitchen, which is why you want to opt for a durable, robust solution. Modern kitchen taps allow you smooth handling to easily adjust the flow of water and temperature. With so many different options available, it can be hard to pick just one design that suits your kitchen needs. The following features might help you choose a tap that can deliver a flow of water for drinking, cooking, food preparation and cleaning, but it can also make your culinary zone more functional and efficient.

Opt for Functionality Enhancing Features

picture of modern kitchen with white appliances


The truth is, when we look at a kitchen as a whole, the kitchen tap is noticeably rising above the sink and becoming the centerpiece. And while you want to choose a kitchen tap that complements your kitchen style, you also want to go for one that enhances the functionality around the kitchen. When it comes to choosing stylish and functional kitchen sinks and taps, a mixer tap is one of the most popular options. These practical kitchen taps are easy to handle, allowing you control over the flow of water and temperature as hot and cold water are mixed.

Modern kitchen water taps are designed to be able to move better while cooking, improving hygiene for the kitchen equipment, as well as washing food or making the opening of the tap easier. You can easily find a mixer with a 360° degree swivel spout that provides outstanding maneuverability and range of motion to ensure incredible usability. With a plethora of different styles available, you can easily find a perfect one for your large single or double bowl sink.

Choose Your Style- It’s All in the Details

picture of a modern kitchen with stainless steel sink and tap ware


While the primary purpose of kitchen tap fittings is functionality, they’re also an important design element that can help you define and enhance the style of your cooking zone. It’s important to look for a design that blends seamlessly with your scheme.

L-shaped kitchen taps are one of the most popular options. This tap is all straight lines and purist design that goes wonderfully well with modern quartz composite sinks and the clean lines of many kitchen architectures from loft to industrial to Bauhaus style.

Softy rounded in a U-shape, arched mixer types allow you even better flexibility. These eye-catching taps are easily maneuverable, allowing you to rinse plates and vegetables and even wash your child’s feet after playing in the sandpit. The gentle curves and decorative details can add an extra touch of charm and elegance to your kitchen scheme.

Consider High-Quality, Durable Materials

picture of farmhouse kitchen with stainless steel tapware


One of the most durable and versatile materials popular on the market today when it comes to plumbing fittings is solid brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Once installed, your brass kitchen tap will retain its good looks for many years. The durability and long-lasting qualities of brass make this material a top choice for kitchen tapware. Manufacturers have recognised the malleability of brass before steel or iron. It’s easier to bend, shape or mold brass fittings to suit your needs than those made from most metals.

Stainless steel is another popular, versatile metal used in tapware construction. Its main qualities are strength and durability. It’s timeless and easy to maintain. Stainless steel provides a smooth, easy to clean surface that doesn’t produce small pores or crevices where bacteria may otherwise harbor. Tapware finishes these days are unlikely to flake or tarnish and come in a plethora of choices.

Make a Statement with the Right Finish

picture of a modern kitchen with black and wooden elements, marble countertop and stainless steel sink and tap ware


When decorating your kitchen and choosing the right tapware, it’s essential to choose a finish that can match your kitchen setting and also make a statement. Durable metal finishes such as polished chrome, bronze and satin nickel are among the most popular choices. Chrome is pretty easy to clean and can be found in many commercial kitchens.

Nickel kitchen taps can come with different finishes such as brushed, stainless or satin. It’s a tough material that gives your kitchen a dose of elegance and can perfectly complement you your appliances, cupboard door hardware or furniture. Bronze kitchen taps have a brownish tone and can be found in traditional home kitchens with a rustic character. For those who aren’t a fan of bright tones, black taps are a great alternative, as they’re extremely versatile and ultra-sophisticated too.