Sunday , June 16 2024

Sofa Table: Versatile Piece of Furniture to Extend Storage and Décor in Your Home

Have you ever considered how ingenious furniture is? I actually think about it occasionally, just feeling grateful for all the beautiful designs I come across. One piece of wood, or could be any other material, plastic or metal, moulded in a particular shape, so it could be useful to someone and decorate their home. It’s always been part of human nature to enjoy beauty, even ancient peoples knew how to adorn their homes and outfits. I find pleasure in shopping so you might as well say I fit some stereotype about women, but it’s not just for the sake of shopping, it’s more about the result I get once I find what I’m looking for and that goes both for my wardrobe and my home interior.

I wasn’t that much into decorating basically because I was afraid of trying, thinking I wouldn’t be good in it so you might as well say my home was one rather plain and dull place. That was until I stumbled upon a classic beauty sofa table and brought it into the picture; that’s how the development of my decorating skills started. At first, I used it only by my sofa so I could easily reach my snacks and drinks during film night, not wanting to miss a moment, or God forbid a whole scene, while I go grab them from the kitchen. My family and friends loved it too, and then I got more interested in finding out about the history of this incredible piece of furniture. Much to my surprise, it dates back to the 18th century and had a multi-purpose role in people’s homes.

It was much more of a functional piece than just an ornament, as it served as a dining table for two, perfect for serving tea, including be used as a writing desk and provide storage for the writing requisites, such as ink, paper and pens. Though at that time it was made of wood, nowadays there are endless varieties shops offer for sale, be it an all wood sofa table, one with metal added for details, glass or even synthetic wood. It may seem as they aren’t that sturdy, but they can withstand weight and the great thing is you can move them about. Along with using mine as a food stand, I began using it as storage as well, the drawers full of magazines and all sorts of knick knacks, and then started adding an ornament or two so now it’s also a focal point piece with pictures of my loved ones, taking away some of the focal attention my sofa gets.

I recently wanted to have some interior change and instead of the usual behind the sofa spot, I moved it by the foyer wall. I must admit, I’m loving this new look, and I added a mirror above and can’t get enough of how charming the foyer turned out to be, so much that I’m considering letting it be and buying another table for behind the sofa. A home can never have enough sofa tables! Perhaps you have an open-plan room design that could use some division, perhaps you need storage for your living room drinks, whatever it may be, getting sofa tables is the way to go.