Monday , August 10 2020

How To Choose The Perfect Hinges For Your Doors

Door hinges are an underappreciated element of your door, however, there are many decisions to be made when picking the door hinge that’s right for you. Take time to consider all your options before you upgrade your door hinges.

Choosing the right size

Take notice of the size of your door to help choose the perfect hinge. The hinge leaf size is meant to help you fit the door perfectly. For regular loose and fixed pin hinges, you will want the leaf size to be smaller than the door width, while when fitting Parliament hinges and broad butt hinges requires the leaf size to be wider than the door. This is because Parliament hinges are meant to swing open wider and lay flat against the wall.

Choosing the right finish

After choosing your door handle and door furniture such as door knockers and escutcheons, find the hinge in the perfect finish to match. The best way to accomplish this is to purchase your hinges in the same brand as your other door hardware. This is because what one company calls an “antique brass” finish could be very different from another using the same term.

A best match is the only option when your knobs or knockers have been made by a company that doesn’t also make hinges, or you when found them at an auction or antique sale. In this case, try and coordinate them as close as you can. Alternatively, choose a different finish all together, such as black, for a bold look that won’t stand out as being mismatched.

Knowing when to use a which type of hinge

It can be daunting with all the various kinds of hinges, each one has a different function and understanding what they do is important when buying your hinges.

Hinges for safety and security

Loose pin hinges should be used on interior doors for ease when painting or moving furniture while fixed pin hinges add security to your front door. It is important to use a fixed pin on your exterior doors so that no trespasser can remove your door by the hinges and enter your home. It is also a good idea to use these on back doors even when your yard is protected by a fence.

Lift off hinges are a must for public bathroom doors as they are a legal requirement in Australia on commercial bathroom doors for safety. A lift off hinge allows the door to be easily removed should an emergency arise, making them a good choice for carers as it will provide peace of mind when caring for young, aging, or differently abled loved ones.

Hinges for instillation ease and door care

Choose a hirline hinge or easy fit hinge for easy instillation. Easy fit hinges will lay flatter and can be screwed on without having to cut into the door. These are a good choice for vintage or special doors you don’t wish to damage by applying a modern hinge to them.

Hinges for function and flow

Parliament hinges and broad butt hinges are perfect for French or double doors. These hinges allow you to open the doors flush against the wall. Pair with a door stopper or cabin hook to keep the doors open and utilize this feature to the upmost.

Ball bearing hinges are the perfect choice for those who want their doors to open extra smoothly. These hinges have a thicker spine with balls inside that make passing through them flow. Doors on ball bearing hinges glide open and shut, although these hinges tend to be more expensive. To ensure they are in peak performance, keep them oiled regularly.

Place the same amount of care and importance on choosing your hinges as the rest of your door furniture. Hinges may seem more functional than decorative, but there is more to these little bits of hardware than might be first thought.