Thursday , April 18 2024

Snowboarding 101: Essential Gear Checklist

Snowboarding is a very exciting activity. It requires a lot of strength, stability, agility and of course a lot of practice. When wintertime comes, snowboarders can’t wait to grab their snowboards and head on the tracks of their favourite ski resorts. But having a snowboard is not enough. You’ll need proper clothing as well. You can’t do it in a tracksuit or your hunting boots. It requires equipment specially designed for that purpose. Equipment that’ll keep you warm, dry, and safe.


Boots are the first thing you need in order to step on the snowboard. Choosing high-quality men’s snowboarding boots is of great importance. They can make or break your whole experience and kill your excitement about snowboarding if you don’t get the right fit. They should feel snug on your feet but not too tight to cause you pain. After a few rides, they get their right shape and adjust completely to your foot. That’s why they should be fairly tight when you buy them.

men’s snowboarding boots


Your toes should touch the toecap, but you should be able to wiggle the toes inside. Put on the boots and bend the knees forward. If your heel stays inside the boot and doesn’t move, you have the right size. Try them on with socks suitable for snowboarding to get the right feel because any significant change in sock thickness will result in a change in size.

Usually, snowboarding boots for men and women are the same size as regular shoes. However, there may be some variations depending on the brand that you buy. So, it’s always safer to give them a try before ordering online or buying from the local store. Depending on whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snowboarder, you’ll need to find the right boot flex. This is important for the overall experience and your mobility.

Experts recommend a softer flex for beginners and a stiffer one for experienced people. This varies from one manufacturer to another, and it often goes between 1 and 10. When it comes to lacing there are two options. The first one is the traditional way which is easy and very customisable. But many snowboarders find it annoying because it can loosen a couple of times during the day.

The second choice is the quick-pull system with modern women and men’s snowboarding boots designs. This is a fast way to put your boots on and you can separately tighten the foot and the ankle parts. You can do this zone lacing while you have your gloves on. The liner inside the boot is made of a lightweight material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or EVA. This part will provide the necessary cushioning, insulation and stability for your foot so you can last a whole day snowboarding on the slopes.

Some liners are permanently attached to the boot, and some are removable so you can take them out and dry them faster. The insole is there to support the natural shape of your foot and give you additional comfort. As you can see, buying snowboarding boots requires some knowledge in order to get the right fit and size. If you still have some questions, ask at the store, read some reviews and experiences and you’ll be ready for your adventure.


One of the most crucial components of snowboarding apparel is snow pants. There are a few important factors you need to take into account besides their colour. First and foremost, they need to be waterproof. You should not make any compromises in this area. Snow will eventually come into contact with you, whether you’re a novice or an expert snowboarder.

When purchasing snowboarding pants, check to see if the seams are totally sealed or critically taped. If they are, that means they’re waterproof. Only the critically seams are sealed in the critically taped type, thus water can still get into your clothing. On a rainy day, they are not something you should wear, but they can deal with snow. The term fully seam sealed speaks for itself.

men wearing green snowboarding pants


Every time you snowboard with this kind of seams, nothing from the outside can get inside, keeping you completely dry. The amount of water that must penetrate a material in millimetres is indicated by a waterproofing grade. A measurement of 10,000–15,000mm would be ideal for everyday usage. When choosing snowboarding pants, the second thing to consider is their breathability. It’s not a good idea to sweat profusely while wearing all of that layered clothing, it might feel quite uncomfortable.

The final factor you should consider is warmth. Combining the pants with thermal underwear is the most effective way to remain warm. Or, if you’re really warm, you can get pants with two layers and wear them separately. Bibs are another choice. They will keep any snow at bay because they have a large front and straps. One great feature of the pants can be thigh vents. They’ll allow you to adjust the warmth inside the pants as you like, and enjoy your favourite ski resort.


You won’t have a good time snowboarding if you don’t have the right jacket to keep you warm and dry. The two main types of jackets are insulated and shell jackets. The first one has great insulation on the inside which is often made from synthetic materials and has a windproof and waterproof shell. Because of this, they have to be extremely breathable and allow a lot of movement.

Always combine these jackets with layers underneath. Add some moisture-wicking underwear and a nice wool shirt. Don’t forget to also check for some additional features on the jacket. Having a hood can be quite beneficial. The ideal choice would be one that hood’s removable so you can zip it on during tougher weather and take it off during warmer days. The zippers can have a snow flap, which keeps snow and rain outside.

On hotter days having pit zippers will be wonderful. You can get some air inside the jacket without a lot of effort. We search for pockets on every clothing item, and the snowboarding jacket is no different. For storing phones, goggles, or any other tiny equipment you might have, they can be very useful.