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How to Work the Western Look & the Hottest Western Fashion Brands

It seems like Western clothes never fully go out of style. This trend has has its ups and downs over the years, however, we’re now living through a great Western wear resurgence thanks to popular movies and TV shows like Yellowstone, Power of the Dog, and The Harder They Fall. Many men and women love sporting Western wear as this style is what they reach for when they need something extra to complete their outfit. Think about it – a bit of leather, some suede fringe, or some pieces of gorgeous and unique accessories can elevate and bring your outfit together.

If you’re looking for a comfy flannel shirt, a flowy dress to pair with your cowboy boots or a unique belt buckle, the brands below can offer that and more with their western-themed clothes. But first, let’s take a look at some tips on how to wear western clothes and look fashionable.

How to Wear Western Clothes

Keep It Simple

How to Wear Western Clothes Keep It Simple


Unless you’re an actual cowboy, your safest bet is to stay away from wearing full-on country outfits from head to toe. You can start by adding a piece or two to an outfit. Maybe just add a belt buckle, a wide-brim hat or a quality pair of western boots to your look. When it comes to choosing a cowboy hat, you don’t have to go all-in. Your style can still be Western even when wearing a ball cap. Unless you’re attending a costume party, don’t go overboard when exploring the Western wear trend.

Know Your Brands

Pure Western

Pure Western’s goal is to offer the best western wear for modern cowboys and cowgirls. This Australian-owned brand offers pieces of clothing with an awesome vibe and has become a leader in denim and trendy western wear. Pure Western was born a decade ago and throughout the years PureWestern clothing redefined the look and feel of western denim. The brand grew organically from the western wear movement and it always aims to create clothing that’s on a different level.

The wide range of PureWestern clothing features a plethora of original designs, modern and infused with a shot of the good stuff. All their designs are meant for the wild at heart, offering plenty of flair and quality Purewestern clothes seasonally.


Know Your Brands Pure Ariat


Ariat is a modern Western brand that sells stylish clothes and boots as well as a wide range of pieces designed for equestrians and sporting events. One of their most popular items is the Fatbaby cowgirl boots and they come in various designs, which means you can easily find your perfect fit! Ariat offers heritage designs and designs that lean on the modern side. They are also very popular thanks to their English riding clothing line.

Cruel Denim

Cruel Denim is a subbrand of Cinch, and this awesome cowboy brand offers western-themed dresses, blouses and premium quality jeans. Wearing their unique fitted jeans will easily make you feel like a proper western cowgirl, on or off the ranch. Cruel Denim offers a wide range of products, including hats and printed western-themed t-shirts.

Know Your Brands Pure Rock&Roll Cowgirl


If you’re looking to buy a new festival attire, you will definitely find it at Rock&Roll Cowgirl. This brand offers a little bit of everything and its stores offer more of a boutique experience. At Rock&Roll Cowgirl you can find affordable, well-made jeans, crochet vests and Aztec-themed sweaters. The brand offers eleven different styles of jeans, including boyfriend, skinny, high-rise flare, and more. Thanks to their great variety, everyone can find their ideal fitted pair of jeans.

Miss Me

Miss Me is a very popular Western brand offering clothes for young girls and ladies. Many of their designs feature beautiful lace details and intricate beading. The back pockets of their jeans are beautifully ornate and showcase their designs, varying from crosses, dreamcatchers, and horseshoes to more abstract designs. Paired with stylish cowboy boots, wearing Miss Me jeans is sure to help you make a fashionista-like statement.


Dating back to 1946, Panhandle is a reputable clothing brand offering western clothing that’s designed to last. This brand is endorsed and worshipped by many bull and bronc riders as well as barrel racers. Panhandle’s clothing is highly durable and very aesthetically pleasing. The brand also offers everyday clothing and outerwear. It’s popular for its traditional and classic snap shirt designs.

Tony Lama

Tony Lama is an exquisite brand affiliated with Justin Brands offering popular and world-renowned boots. Their models have been handcrafted since 1911, offering premium quality designs and a vast variety of exceptional style boots. Tony Lama’s boots are known for their bold patterns, designs, prints, and materials. They are not suitable for the faint of heart. They offer a truly wide range of designs as well as exotics featuring ostrich skin. Tony Lama’s boots offer impeccable quality and are a great addition to anyone’s closet.