Monday , May 20 2024

Must-Have Survival Gear to Bring on your Next Outdoor Adventure

If you’re planning on going on a survival trip in the great outdoors, you better go prepared. It’s undeniable that a survival trip can be thoroughly enjoyable, but it can be an exhausting trip without the right preparations. Picking the appropriate survival gear is a must for any outdoor survival excursion, which also includes military gear as the best type of clothing for anything survival-related. Coupled with a few key pieces of equipment, you can really turn a great survival trip into an amazing one.

Fire Starter

Fire starter


Having the ability to make fire at your side is a must in any outdoors situation, whether it’s a survival trip, camping, or merely a long hike. You need fire to warm up, cook food, boil water, as well as sleep safely without having to worry about predators in the vicinity. A fire starter is arguably the most important survival equipment piece to bring with you because you can be sure that it’s going to be useful in pretty much all situations, and you definitely don’t want to be unprepared when you’re out in nature.

Survival Knife

Survival knives


You definitely don’t want to go on a survival trip without a good knife at your side. It’s one of those pieces of outdoor survival gear that can make a massive difference to have at your side, since it can be used in many things, such as preparing food, chopping up firewood, clearing the path, and even protecting yourself. Used in tandem with a good multi-tool at your side, it will definitely allow you to have an easier time, which is something you want when you’re on a survival trip, even though part of the point of such a trip is to test your own limits. No need to make everything difficult, which is why getting a good knife is paramount.

A Good Map

Man holding a map


One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make when they go on a survival excursion is forgetting to take a map. Even the most seasoned explorers can get lost on their own turf. Nature, while beautiful and awe-inspiring, can be difficult to navigate through if you don’t have the right tools. It might be difficult to get lost if you’re going away on a short trip, but knowing how to read a map is a truly useful skill to have, especially if you don’t know the terrain. Of course, that goes double if you’re going on a longer trip because a map is definitely a critical piece of survival equipment to have on you at all times.


Man holding a compass


Even if you know how to navigate easily in both night and day, a compass is something that every outdoorsman should have on them at all times. When you’re navigating through difficult terrain, you don’t want to get lost due to fog or heavy rain, especially if you could’ve brought a compass with you. They’re incredibly lightweight and easy to read, and they’re analogue, so there can be no electrical interference. A compass can help save your life if you happen to make a mistake while navigating. They’re great to have on you at all times, but don’t be fooled into thinking a smartphone compass is a good substitute. They’re just not as reliable as the analogue ones.

First Aid Kit

First aid kit


No one should ever leave on a survival trip without a first aid kit. It’s a paramount thing to have, so always make sure to have it fully stocked and ready before you head out. Bandages and antibiotic ointments should always go first in the kit, but you should also include gauze pads, splints, and alcohol prep pads. If you’re unsure which items to take with you when you’re going on a survival trip, you can easily find ones suited for just the occasion when you’re looking to buy survival gear.


Paracord rope


A rope is something you want to take with you on survival trips. However, not all types of rope will do, because not every type of rope is intended to handle the stress of a survival trip. That’s where the paracord comes. This type of rope was invented decades ago for military use, and it’s made out of a lightweight, but durable material. It can be used in a bunch of things, such as rigging tarps, sewing, fishing, and even braided together to make an even stronger rope.

Water Filtration

Portable water filter


Surviving without water is impossible. You might make it two to three days at the most, but beyond that, it can get lethal very quickly. Having a water filtration system with you on survival trips is arguably the most important thing because not all the water you find is potable. Filtering that water will make it potable so you’ll be able to survive on your survival trip. Don’t expect to have an enjoyable survival trip without a water filtration system because otherwise, you risk something you absolutely want to avoid.

Don’t forget to bring survival gear that best suits your needs for your specific adventure. There are countless items you can take along with you, such as a flashlight, duct tape, pots, mugs, blankets, and countless other things. The important thing is to make sure that the thing you have with you are going to be useful.