Thursday , April 18 2024

Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Bathroom Cosier

In the modern house, the bathroom isn’t just a place to get everyday hygiene practices done anymore. Over time, this room has evolved and turned into a full-blown spa where we can relax, de-stress, and pamper ourselves. Since we’re spending more time there, making it a comfortable space is more important than ever.

Ideally, your bathroom should be a cosy, soothing space where you can recharge before facing the day ahead. It should be a spot where you unwind at night after a stressful day. The good thing is that only a few simple tweaks may be all you need to transform your bathroom into a peaceful retreat.

How Can You Make Your Bathroom Feel Cosy?

While functionality should always be at the forefront of your mind when designing a bathroom, there’s no reason why it can’t also be a warm and inviting space. Sure, your definition of cosy may be different to someone else’s, but there are a few common features that can help to create a more snug atmosphere.

Upgrade Your Bath Mat


Bath mats not only provide a soft, pleasant surface to avoid you from slipping when you exit the shower, but they can also unify the space and give it a spa-like atmosphere.

Just because they’re designed to be practical, it doesn’t mean they are all the same. In fact, the modern bath mat options available include extra features that aid in bridging the gap between standard, uncomplicated bath mats and more opulent bath rugs. For instance, they could be made from premium materials like 100% long-staple cotton. They could also have eye-catching colours or fancy design features, both of which can only add to their appeal.

The most important factor in bath mat selection is functionality. You should choose a material that will reduce your chances of slipping and falling in the restroom. Cotton is the most popular material used to make bath mats. In terms of the quantity of moisture it can store, cleaning convenience, and softness underfoot, this material clearly offers benefits. On a tiled surface, it might not be nearly as stable as other types and might slip more easily.

The fastest drying textiles are without a doubt those made of synthetic materials, like nylon. This means that they will require less cleaning in the future. They are also quite resilient. They are more prone to slipping and do not hold as much water as their cotton counterparts tough.

As for the colour, you’ll want to choose one that complements the room’s tone and atmosphere. Serene and cosy natural hues like browns, beiges, and light greens can help you create a soothing spa-like atmosphere. Blues can also serve as a metaphor for the hue of the sea. If you have an ensuite, you could choose to repeat the colours of the bedroom by choosing hues that are similar to the bedding fabrics, drapes, or carpet.

Use Essential Oils to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh


Let’s face it, bathrooms may smell in many different ways. And oftentimes, it’s not the most pleasant of smells. Grab an oil diffuser and some fragrant 100 percent pure organic essential oils to keep yours as fragrant as possible.

When selecting the best essential oils for the bathroom, look for ones with strong cleaning/disinfecting properties, as well as those with aromas that brighten and refresh the atmosphere. Essential oils with disinfectant properties are excellent for removing dangerous viruses, germs, and fungus, as well as preventing mould and mildew buildup.

Because this group of oils has an antiseptic aroma, they can be combined with other herbs for a more powerful mixture:

  • Eucalyptus – blend it with peppermint or lavender.
  • Lemon – blends beautifully with bergamot, peppermint, and lemongrass.
  • Tea tree – can be used with bergamot, peppermint, or lavender.
  • Lemongrass – blends well with peppermint, lemon, and basil.
  • Thyme – works wonderfuly with citrus.
  • Peppermint – mix it with some eucalyptus, lemon, grapefruit, or bergamot.
    When shopping for essential oils, the most crucial factor to consider is purity. Using non-pure essential oils may expose your body to pathogens, adulterants, or other unwanted substances such as heavy metals. What you want is 100 percent pure organic essential oils.


There is no recognised standard or regulatory agency that verifies the purity of essential oils. This implies that essential oil firms must regulate themselves in order to produce pure, safe oils. All manufacturers have their own procedure for creating essential oils and assuring safety, thus it is their responsibility to ensure that necessary precautions are followed to generate pure essential oils.

Do some research on the business you’re buying from to ensure you’re obtaining 100 percent pure organic essential oils. A reputable essential oil company will explain the techniques and tests they use to verify the safety and purity of their oils.

Get Some Plush Towels


Nothing makes a restroom feel cozier than having a pile of large, fluffy towels around. Make sure you get a few high-quality bath towels (plus a heating rack if you have the space!) and you won’t dread having to get out of the shower.

The capacity of a towel to absorb moisture from your body without losing its plushness or becoming soggy is its most crucial feature to consider. GSM, or grams of fabric per square meter, is a unit of measurement for absorbency. The thickness, softness, and absorption of the towel will increase with the GSM.

Egyptian cotton contains longer fibres than other types of cotton, which makes it softer, plusher, and more thirsty. Turkish cotton towels have shorter fibers than Egyptian cotton towels, making them lighter and quicker to dry (if not quite as absorbent). Supima cotton, on the other hand, has exceptionally long fibers but doesn’t have the same fluffy feel.

Add Mood Lighting


By installing wall lights or under-counter lighting in your bathroom you’ll be able to turn off your main lights when taking a bath to immediately create an atmosphere that is both cosy and inviting. When looking for ambient mood lighting, spotlights and fake candles are also fantastic options.