Sunday , June 16 2024

Minimalist Design: A Perfect Choice For Your Teen’s Bedroom

There comes a time when your ‘little boy’s’ room needs to be taken up a level. Yup, sooner or later the teenage period strikes, and with it so do your boy’s new desires and rebel behaviors. Teens can be quite troublesome and needy, we all know that, so it’d be best to create a place for them in your home where they’ll be able to express themselves, relax and do their thing. Their room should be designed in a way that it reflects their personality and interests. When it comes to teen years, all psychologists agree on one thing: let your teen children express themselves freely. It’s the time of their lives when they’re still not sure what are their ideals, they change their opinions very often and have frequent mood swings, which is totally fine. It’s a process that all human beings undergo before entering the stage of adulthood.

So when it comes to decorating your teenager’s room, there are many things you should take into consideration. The latest interior design trend popularly known as “minimalism” has turned out to be very practical for teen rooms. The core of this widespread design movement lies in the simplicity, cleanness and geometrical lines of the décor which seems to perfectly adjust to every teen’s needs because it can endure serious changes in details and colors. Like we said before, teens often change their minds and style preferences, which means that with this style direction they could easily change their room design as well.

Single Mattress 2

Paint the room all white and let the wooden flooring do the rest of the job. Once you’re done with that, you can start thinking about the furniture. Since minimalism requires as less furniture pieces as possible, you don’t need anything complicated nor too adorned when it comes to furniture. Stay close to a simple design and, if possible, choose furniture made of wood. Another interesting and stylish “teen” trend is skipping the bedding and creating a sleeping area with a simple single mattress styled with many pillows and cool sheets. That’s a minimalist-friendly move that seems very brave yet it’s very simple and unconventional and we all know how much teens love unconventional things.

Aside from the single mattress that will give a serious minimalist approach, the study area should be represented by a simple wooden desk and of course a nice, small library. Make sure you leave enough room for the wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes work perfectly well with minimalist designs, plus they don’t take up much of the free space in the room. This way, you get the best of both worlds: a big enough wardrobe and a big enough room. In the end, don’t forget to create a “sitting area”, because when your child’s friends come over, they wouldn’t want to chit chat in the living room where everyone can listen to their secrets and embarrassing stories. You can achieve this with a few simple ottomans, or you can follow the “huge pillows” trend and spread them all over the floor.