Saturday , May 18 2024

What are the Different Types of Adhesive Systems

Thanks to the new construction techniques, modern buildings and homes have certainly made life more comfortable. Buildings today stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter, and can stay intact for decades if taken care of properly. Although adhesive systems isn’t the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about construction and building, these substances are of utmost importance in ensuring that buildings and homes remain in good condition throughout the years.

Adhesive systems aren’t exclusively used for construction, people can find them online and use them for multiple purposes. Adhesives and sealants are usually lumped together, and perform different functions. As the name implies, an adhesive is made to join two items together, and is usually made from two or more components and spread thinly among two surfaces. Adhesives stick together items by either evaporation of a solvent or a chemical reaction.

adhesive systems

Sealants on the other hand, are simply there to fill out the spaces between cavities or gaps between two components. They feel sticky, but don’t necessarily conjoin two pieces together permanently, but instead they’re applied between gaps to prevent foreign gases, materials and moisture from seeping between cracks and causing damage.

Adhesives are classified depending on the type of adhesion method, with the two main types being non-reactive and reactive adhesives. Both types have several different subcategories of adhesives under them as well.

Reactive Adhesives

This type of adhesives forms a bond through a chemical reaction. They can be one-part adhesives or multi-part. Multi-part adhesives have two or more components that chemically react when they come in contact and create an adhesive bond. Reactive adhesives usually have some type of solvent which keeps the components separate, but are activated when the solvent evaporates. One-part adhesives have only one chemical that performs the conjoining with the help of an external source, such as radiation, moisture or heat.

Non-Reactive Adhesives

This type of adhesives hardens and creates a lasting bond without a chemical reaction. Non-reactive adhesives can work in different ways. Some react to pressure, others harden by drying. There are also non-reactive adhesives which work when certain types of surfaces contact each other. A popular type is the hot adhesive, such as glue sticks which work with glue guns.

Adhesives are essential in every building process, and buying a quality adhesive will take you a long way, as they play a significant role in keeping structures sturdy and prolonging their lifespan.