Sunday , June 16 2024

Micro Scooter Buying Guide: Put Your Best Scooting Foot Forward

With the hectic daily schedules and everyone being constantly on the move from activity to activity, time is essential so the use of cars is inevitable. Because everyone is in a hurry, you know how much stress traffic jams can cause and the degree of pollution resulting from the increased number of vehicles used. Luckily, more people lately are resorting to using their bikes or get to their destinations on foot, however transport was revolutionised with the invention of scooters.

Though they go way back in history, it was not until the last decade of the previous century that they actually started to spread around the world. Despite their huge popularity among kids, they are ideal for grown-ups as well. Now, in 2016, more than ever before, having a scooter is a necessity. Just ask Australian superstar Hugh Jackman, it seems he cannot move without the company of his scooter.

As is the case with any kind of purchase, it is important to invest in a scooter of a known brand to make the most of it in the long run. This is why micro scooter in Australia gained so much success. The Swiss brand first made its way in European markets, and won the hearts of adults and kids alike. What brought to them becoming so much of a trend worldwide was their introduction to schools with the Micro Scooter Kids Day. Thanks to this special program, kids get all the training needed for proper steering, use of brake and making their way into traffic. So, if all of this is convincing enough to buy a micro scooter, here are a few pieces of advice that could be of help to you.


If you do your own research, you will find the trustworthy retailers or centers of micro scooter in Australia, and even do your purchase online, without leaving home. Before you set out to shop, you have to know there are many models of micro scooters, each based on the age of users it is meant for.

The newest designs even do not exclude toddlers, so as soon as your child starts to walk, you can buy the Mini Micro Seat. Micro Lite, Micro Sprite and Micro Bullet are ideal for beginners because of their light weight and ease for manoeuvring. Yet, if it is more balance you are looking for, you should opt for a micro scooter with a bigger platform, such as the one of Mini Micro and Maxi Micro which makes them ideal for kids aged from three to six. They differ from other designs because of their three-wheeled structure, and unlike in previous three-wheeled models, two wheels are placed at the front instead of at the back, which is how more support is given.

For kids older than seven, who already have a notion of using a scooter, the best choices are Micro Speed and Micro Flex. Their wheels are thinner to give your kid the chance to move easily with more speed. For teenagers and adults, also included in the fun, the perfect options are the Micro Black and Micro White scooters. The wheels are designed for optimal speed, so either of these two scooters will be your next best friend when you make your way through the busy streets. Great news for everyone who would like to take the scooter experience to an extreme is that there are also models created for tricks and turns and they are the Micro and Monster Bullet.

Now that you know more of the types of micro scooters, you are prepared for your scooter enjoyment, but to be on the safe side, it is important to invest in proper safety equipment as well. Once you have got that all covered, put on the helmet, knee and wrist pads, grab your scooter and let the fun begin.