Monday , May 20 2024

How To Transport Antiques

We are all well aware that antiques are valuable items that require special care and attention. When faced with the whole process of switching homes, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is how you are going to transport all those pricey items without scratching them, or worst case scenario – having them stolen in the whole process. Yes, antique transportation is definitely one of the biggest challenges an antique owner could face. If you need to move your antique furniture, pottery, porcelain or decorative pieces, beware; there are big chances for your valuable items to get damaged or broken during the whole process. However, this does not necessarily have to be your case – you can choose to act wisely.

What I mean when I say “act wisely” when it comes to antique transportation is that you should hire professional antique movers to transport your antiques. Here are some facts in defence of hiring reputable and experienced professional movers. In other words, here’s what experienced and trustworthy antique movers should do to ensure safe transportation of your antiques.

antiques1Custom Protective Packing

You can pack your delicate antique collectibles or furniture pieces, but if you have little or no experience in this, you can’t be sure that you’ve packed them the right way. For that reason, it would be best to leave all that in the hands of professionals who have a lot of experience doing that. Professional movers know what’s the best practice for packing this type of items. For example, they disassemble the furniture items to their smallest units and wrap each part in special cotton shipping pads, bubble wrap or moving blankets. Also, they put the extremely sensitive pieces, such as porcelain vases, in special custom-made cases.

Transportation Safety

Valuable antiques are a common subject of robbery. When transporting antiques with your own vehicle, you do not only risk damaging or breaking them, you also risk having them stolen along the way. On the other hand, when you pay for moving services to a reputable company with many years of experience in the field, you’ll get warranty for safety for all stages of the moving procedure – from packing the items, picking them up to transporting them to your desired location.

On-time Delivery

When hiring antique transportation professionals, you will have more time to finish other tasks related to the moving process. Moreover, not only the professional movers will assure you that your antiques will arrive safe and sound to your new home, they will be transported on time as well. On time and hassle-free; pretty convenient!