Thursday , April 18 2024

Updating the Apple Mac Ram Memory Buys You More Years of Usage

Most brand new Macs are equipped with 4GB to 16GB of RAM and over the years they get slower and slower, because of the constant updates from Apple. If you are a designer or YouTube video maker, you will experience a lot of shutdowns and the loading will be slow because the Adobe Photoshop and Video Maker are updated with more functionality and tools and require more ram Apple mac memory. On the other hand, with just adding 8GB ram or more for your Macbook Pro from 2012 or before you will get two or three years more functionality for your computer.

To check if your system is low on ram, you can go to the Memory Section of the Activity Monitor utility, where if it is an older OS X version such as Mountain lion or even older, you can notice a small pie chart showing the free amount of RAM versus the one that is reserved for your system. If the green wedge in this pie chart is below 25% then it is the right time to upgrade your RAM Apple Mac memory.

While any electrical device has a lifespan that is related to an amount of usage, integrating a better and faster RAM can prolong the software compatibility and make things run at the same speed as the newest Mac on the market. There are two ways you can change your Ram memory: DIY or if you are not good with electrical devices you can always let the professionals do the job. If you own a Macbook retina display from 2011, just by upgrading it to 16 GB ram you be able to do your graphic design without any lag or accidental shutdowns.

Regarding the choice of brand, the most popular Apple Mac RAM memory is OWC and it is not hard to see why – it is well built, durable and has a longevity even longer than the original apple hardware. The tricky part is to choose the right amount of chips, which solely depends on which year was your iMac or Macbook manufactured. For example, if you have a Macbook that was made in 2010, it comes with two slots, each one with 2 GB RAM chips.

After the upgrade is finished, you need to run the Apple’s hardware test to see if everything is okay with the new RAM. In any case, if there are any errors then something went wrong with the installation and you need to open your Macbook or iMac. One last thing you should remember is that RAM errors can occurs even some time after the installation and can affect the system greatly.