Saturday , May 28 2022

Aromatherapy: An Important Step Towards Better Health

Living in a world as it is today, we are lucky to have so many choices around us. Simplest human needs have become so advanced that we have endless options for food, an array of clothes, all kinds of beauty sleep mattresses. But what happens when we get so carried away with activities that we forget it is also essential for us to spend some time relaxing and regaining our wasted energy? Being so interested in the lifestyles of celebrities who are very much aware of what full well-being means, in the last few decades taking care of one’s health is quite the trend. Meditation and yoga are among the most used ways of celebrities for relaxing, however there is another method that is growing in popularity: the use of scents better known as aromatherapy.

Though they started being widely used in France in the beginning of the 20th century as a way of treating burns (after the laboratory incident of scientist René-Maurice Gattefossé), the effectiveness of essential oils has long fascinated people, including ancient Egyptians. To be able to feel all the benefits first-hand, you can find a reliable shop online and choose from the many aromatherapy products of quality. It is important to use natural oils to avoid any side-effects because synthetic oils can cause problems by remaining in your body and clogging your pores. Along with being powerful when it comes to treating burns and relaxation, the treatment with oils affects sleep, reduces pain, helps digestion, improves blood pressure, and it treats depression so it is always good to know a thing or two more about the different types of oils.

benefits of essential oils

Lavender oil can speed up the process of healing burns (including sunburns) and insect bites, but it is also known to help with one’s sleep. When used with a diffuser or vaporiser, you can indulge in the pleasant soothing scent of this oil and in case you have insomnia you can kiss it goodbye. To make your bath all the more enjoyable you can use some drops of lavender oil on the water or you can get a nice massage.

If you are having trouble with your digestion or have a feeling of bloated stomach, you can use peppermint. It also helps reduce the amount of pain of insect bites and chicken pox. Clary sage relieves pain as well, even menstrual pain.

Since essential oils are rich in antioxidants, they can help a great deal with hypertension and regulating the heart rate. Ylang ylang and frankincense are both effective in this aspect and not surprising lavender and sage too. To be able to treat depression, you have to look for fresh energising scents such as jasmine and citrus. Citrus scents rich in vitamin C are sure to give you the uplifting feeling to fight the blues.

With the right essential oils and accessories, you can make your home the scented haven built for relaxation and health improvement so you will be in full form. What you invest now in prevention, can save you money in the long run when you will not be needing doctor’s appointments.