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Military Apparel Buying Guide

The majority of the apparel we wear day in and day out is meant for aesthetical purposes rather than functionality. While a winter coat is worn when its function – to keep you warm – is more important than its design, it is not exclusively worn for what it does. Unlike most of our clothing, tactical military apparel and gear are worn solely for their function. It may not look as fashionable as a jacket or a cardigan, as that’s not its purpose, but it offers something that no cardigan or jacket does – versatility in function.

Tactical apparel is made to make your life easier in every situation. Be it climbing up a mountain or tracking down game animal through thick vegetation, tactical apparel won’t ever let you down. This is why the military makes use of it in the first place. Tactical gear and apparel are rigid but lightweight, functional, and customisable. Proper tactical apparel should be easy to use and wear, whilst priding solid protection and enough leeway for agility. So what tactical gear do soldiers wear that helps them endure even in the most high-risk situations?

What Gear Do Soldiers Wear?


While there’s a lot of things that soldiers wear on a day to day basis to keep them safe and sound, the most simple items are the most important. One of these items is the boots. Traversing through rough terrain and keeping your feet safe requires a reliable pair of tactical boots. These essential military supplies are not like your usual off-the-shelf pair since they’re made of materials that let air escape and keep the elements at bay.

This is thanks to special materials that are both weatherproof and breathable at the same time. Tactical military products are good at multiple different things, which in this case is comfort and safety. Although tactical boots are rugged and can take a beating, they are also comfortable enough for you to run in them for extended periods of time. A quality pair of tactical boots will let you run 5 km without feeling like you’ve been stepping on rocks barefoot.
military boots


Tactical gloves are different from any other types of gloves out there. They are meant to provide the utmost protection from scratches, punctures and even fire hazards. In the army, you use your hands a lot, and wearing a pair of tactical gloves is a must, especially when handling a firearm.

Sometimes, you might have to climb over an obstacle with a rough surface, and you don’t want to get scabs on your hands. Tactical gloves are durable and rugged, but they also come with good insulation which is important if you’re going to spend time outside at low temperatures. Again, like tactical boots, gloves are versatile military supplies that can keep your most important extremities safe.


Yes, there’s even a tactical belt you can find in any army shop. Belts, as simple and overlooked as they are, can be literal lifesavers. Tactical military belts are crucial for survival since they allow you to carry items such as radios, multi-tools and torches, essential for everyday tasks. Like every other military product and apparel, belts are made to last you a long time. They are also quite flexible and can even allow you to repel off a cliff or wall. This is possible if a tactical belt has buckles that can support everything you have on you – from firearms and ammunition to gear and supplies.

tactical belt


Keeping your eyesight safe is essential for surviving in whatever situation you might find yourself in, so proper tactical eyewear is a must. Military glasses don’t look or do the same things as regular eyewear. Often called ballistic eyewear, these are made to withstand the rigours that come after the act of a missile or grenade impact.

You don’t want to get your eyes full of dirt or small rocks, nor do you want to have flying debris hit your eye. Also, when there is intense glare and or low visibility, tactical glasses can help since they have special coatings to make your surroundings more visible without straining your eyes.
military Eyewear


Just like any helmet, be it a bicycle or a construction helmet, a military one is made to keep your head safe from flying and sharp objects. But unlike any other helmet used by civilians, a military tactical helmet is made of more expensive and more durable materials. These materials include standard or advanced aramid kevlar fibres or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibres. This makes them light but also strong and durable, with there being different types of helmets, each having a different construction and design. Each of these helmets is made to be used in different situations and offer the best protection possible without impeding visibility and comfort. Plus, they allow you to mount accessories like headlamps and cameras on them.