Monday , May 20 2024

Non-Alcoholic Beers: Enjoy a Glass of Beer Anywhere, Anytime

You may have noticed that, in recent years, non-alcoholic beers have exploded onto bottle shop shelves, being anything but shy when it comes to breaking into the Australian market. In a nation where alcoholic beer is deeply woven into our cultural fabric, this is no small accomplishment. Now more than ever, Dry July isn’t the only thing draining the alcohol from Australia’s favourite tipple.

Similar to how the microbrewery and homebrewing trend increased the variety of alcoholic beers available, some new non-alcoholic beer brands have also begun to appear on store shelves. So, let’s explore the case of N/A beer and its many benefits.

Are Non-Alcoholic Beers Really Non-Alcoholic?

Recent developments in production technology make it much more probable that you will find a non-alcoholic craft beer that you like. These beverages more and more taste, look and feel like conventional beers. The alcohol content is the primary distinction between the three major types:

Alcohol-Free Beer



Most “alcohol-free” beers have an alcohol content of 0.05% or less by volume (ABV). Many makers, but not all, adhere to government regulations that state alcohol-free beverages may have up to 0.05% ABV. (Occasionally, these beers are also known as “zero alcohol” or “0.0”).

However, since the advice is optional, it’s possible to get alcohol-free drinks with labels that are up to 0.5% ABV on the market. A 0.5% ABV beer in a 500ml half-litre can have 0.25 units of alcohol (a quarter of a unit of alcohol).

Low-Alcohol Beer

Low-alcohol beer contains 1.2% ABV or less. Government guidance on low-alcohol drinks sold in the UK says they shouldn’t be more than 1.2% ABV.3 A half-litre can of 1.2% ABV beer has 0.6 units of alcohol (6 ml of pure alcohol).

Conventional Beer

The average strength of conventional beers is 4.4% ABV. The average potency of traditional beers and lagers sold worldwide is 4.4% ABV.4 A half-litre can of 4.4% ABV beer contains 2.2 units of alcohol (22 ml of pure alcohol).

Benefits of Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer



People have long had stereotypes about what NA beer is, who it’s for, and why people drink it. Today, we know that alcohol-free beer allows anyone to take pleasure in a tasty beer made (and tastes) identically to its alcoholic equivalent without experiencing any negative consequences related to the alcohol level. You might be unaware of the following advantages of non-alcoholic craft beer:

It’s Healthier

The health advantages that non-alcoholic beer provides might astound you. Yes, it means you can still enjoy the taste of your favourite hoppy beer while being sober and healthier. That’s because N/A beer:

Contains Fewer Calories

When drinking non-alcoholic beer, you don’t have to feel bad about your caloric consumption or worry about it. NA beers have fewer calories and less alcohol than alcoholic brewers. Beer that isn’t alcoholic has about 80 calories per bottle, but alcohol has roughly 100 calories per 330 ml serving!

Promotes Hydration

Alcohol Free Beer


In a small study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 25 men exercised in a hot setting while consuming two pints of either non-alcoholic beer or water over an hour. After that, they collected blood and urine samples and discovered that both groups had an equivalent level of hydration.

Everyone is aware that drinking promotes dehydration and hangovers. Choose non-alcoholic beers if you want to have a good time at night and in the morning.

Improves Sleep

It’s a fact that alcohol disrupts your sleep. Not only does it make it harder to fall asleep, but it also disturbs you while you’re asleep deeply.

The best thing about non-alcoholic beer is that you can have a couple of chilled pints before bed and still get a decent night’s sleep. You won’t feel sleepy and hungover when you awaken. Because of its low alcohol content, you won’t be up all night after drinking alcoholic beer.

It’s Just as Delicious

Modern non-alcoholic beer doesn’t taste all that different from conventional, “leaded” beer. The two exceptions are a slightly greater carbonation level and a lower alcohol burn.

Not all non-alcoholic beers are indeed great. Many people only sampled one of the old, generic, mass-produced varieties from years ago, and that’s why they have an unfavourable opinion of non-alcoholic beer. Today, you can get excellent non-alcoholic beer online, delivered right to your door.

You Can Still Drink with Friends

Many young people like the social aspects of drinking. They frequently worry that if they don’t drink beer with their pals, they will feel left out, or their social life will suffer.

Beer without alcohol is a fantastic substitution. People benefit from feeling like a part of the group since it fosters friendship among friends.

It Helps You Stay Sober

Non-alcoholic beer can also be beneficial for people who want to limit alcohol use without entirely quitting it. They can gradually cut back on alcohol until they stop drinking altogether by drinking non-alcoholic beer as a transitional beverage.

Everyone is unique, and some people might decide to avoid N/A beer because it makes them feel too similar to those who drink the real thing. But non-alcoholic beer is a terrific addition that individuals can make to their drinking routines to keep healthy and happy. It isn’t just for “sober people.”

You Get to Drink More Beer Without Getting Drunk

Beer enthusiasts can still enjoy the same flavour of beer without the sedative effects of alcohol. Although we all know that we should drink carefully and responsibly, there are no restrictions on N/A beer.

You may stay out all night with your buddies and drink bottle after bottle without worrying about hangovers, DUIs, liver damage, or wondering whether you looked foolish the night before because it has fewer calories and has no adverse effects from alcohol.