Thursday , April 18 2024

The Required Moving Supplies for a DIY Move

Moving is a challenging task that requires a lot of careful preparation and planning. Whether you go with the DIY approach (which I don’t recommend, seriously, don’t), or you decide to hire professional removalists, to ensure that all your household items arrive safely and undamaged at the new location, you need to carefully pack everything. But, packaging isn’t just about protection, it is a good way to organise your belongings, label them, make sure nothing gets lost on the way, and easily find what you need upon arrival.

Now, if you decided to avoid all the hustle and hire professional removalists, they will take care of all the packaging for you. However, if you plan on moving all by yourself, well, good luck and I hope the universe is kind to you. I mean, moving by yourself is hard and stressful, but it is totally doable if you know what you are doing and have the right moving supplies. And that’s what I wanted to talk about – everything you need to know about moving supplies.


As I mentioned before, planning is a crucial step when you are moving. Make sure you know what you need to pack, which supplies you need, and how much. Running out of packaging supplies can be really frustrating. You already have enough on your hands and running back and forth to the supplies store is the last thing you need. This is why, even before you start packing, you should stock up on supplies. You can do that in your local store, or you can go online and take your time browsing and comparing prices to get the best packaging deal.

Once you know how much supplies you need, it’s time to go shopping. Obviously you are going to need boxes, lots of them. You can use used boxes that you have lying around your home, but for some of the more fragile or expensive items, I strongly recommend you buy new ones just to be safe. You also need to consider the size of the boxes. You might be thinking that you can fit more stuff in large boxes and forget that you need to lift them later. So, go for smaller boxes and avoid straining your back from heavy lifting.

While cardboard boxes are probably the most important packing supplies, they are not the only ones. You also need packing tape to seal them and a tape dispenser so you can do that in one swift move. Cushioning is another essential supply for obvious reasons. So stock up on packing paper, bubble wrap, foam rolls, foam peanuts, inflatable bags, and so on, you get the general idea. And finally get some markers or labels so you know what’s inside each box, and a box cutter that will be useful for unpacking later on.