Thursday , April 18 2024

How a Bed Frame Can Make or Break the Tone for the Room

I don’t get people who say that the bed frame has no importance in the overall picture for the perfect bed for the bedroom; it’s like you’re saying that for a perfectly dressed woman, having a messy hair is not important for the overall vision. What kind of logic is that? It matters, because the bed frame is a part of the bed and more importantly, part of the bedroom style and design. Therefore, when you buy online bed frames, offers better be rich in shape, material and price range.

As you can see, I’m the type of person that pays attention to small things, so I’d like to elaborate on the importance of choosing a proper bed frame for your bed.

It’s a large style element

When you enter the bedroom, it’s the first thing that catches your attention. Just think of how you get instantly caught up by it when you enter a hotel room; that metal, crown-shaped headboard gives you a lot of ideas, doesn’t it? Kinky creativity aside, the bed frame with all its elements dictates the bedroom style. Whether you’ll be using more modern decorations or turn to vintage space beautifiers, it largely depends on the bed frame. Also, the bedding will be dictated by it too; you can’t use something with a lot of patterns and colours on a rich bed frame – you’ll create a mess.

The practical side of it – compliance with the mattress

Besides being an eye-catchy element, the bed frame is important because it’s where the mattress goes. Now, if you bought the bed frame first, you’ll have to buy a suitable mattress according to the height of the box. Also, you’ll need to consider the height of the mattress too; if the mattress is higher than the box, than it will add extra height from the floor making it maybe a little uncomfortable for you to get up in the morning. So when you buy online bed frames, make sure you check these features of your mattress so you can comply them both.


As I said, the bed frame can be made of various materials and therefore, vary largely in style. You can get a bed frame made completely of hardwood, which has kind of a vintage look dictating for a vintage styled bedroom. The wood colour allows for various other colours to be used in combination, which will depend on the ambiance you want to achieve. Metal is also very common, and it’s the more elegant variance, while leather is the ultimate classic. Leather means serious luxury, so be ready to buy some expensive sheets to go with that bed frame.

To sum it all up, the bed frame matters big time. As much as you want to sleep on a comfortable mattress, you also want to feel a dose of satisfaction when you look at your bed. It’s your ultimate place for rest, so investing in it a little more is simply worth it.