Monday , May 20 2024

A folding Bike Makes Cycling Convenient Even if Biking is Not Your Lifestyle

So, in the past few years I’ve had 3 bikes stolen. Let me tell you a little secret: bike locks are an illusion. Many times I thought my bike was secure because I have the safest bike lock, made from the strongest materials and there is no way that someone can cut it or pick the lock, only to find that the bike lock is all that’s left of my bike. Yeah, there are ninjas out there that can take your expensive bike apart in a matter of seconds. And I know what you are thinking – you can’t carry your bike with you at all times. It’s heavy and it takes up too much space. Well, there is actually a perfect, both compact and light-weight solution to your problem and I’m not talking about a unicycle – I am talking about a folding bike.

As you can tell from the name, this is a bike that neatly folds your clothes. Almost got ya there. No, it doesn’t fold clothes. This is a bike you can fold and its designed with compact storage, ease of transportation and convenience in mind. Even if you are not a bike person, folding bikes are perfect for commuting and you can combine them with other forms of public transport since they are allowed on buses and trains where regular bikes may not.

With the large variety available, when you decide to buy folding bike online, there is a number of factors you need to consider.

First of all, consider the ease of folding since it is the key feature of the bike. There are various folding mechanisms and you need to look into all of them. The older models for example, were more difficult to fold and required a lot of strength and energy to do that. If a bike looks compact when it’s folded, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to fold. Look for some of the latest models that can usually be folded in just a few quick and almost effortless moves.

Now, let’s move on to the basic purpose of the bike and that’s riding. It is important that the bike is comfortable for riding which is why you should see that all the features such as the frame, handle bars, seat, pedals and so on, are suitable for you and that they perform well. Also, go for folding bikes with multiple gears which will make riding much easier and more pleasant.

Weight is another important factor. This will be determined by the materials from which the bike is made. Aluminum is always a good choice because it is light-weight but also strong and durable. Remember that the main reason to get a folding bike, is the ease of transport. There are new models coming out all the time, and they keep getting lighter without compromising quality and durability.

And finally consider what you are willing to spend when you do decide to buy folding bike online. Have in mind that a quality bike will last you for years and will save you a ton of money on transport, fuel and because it provides great exercise, it will save you on gym membership as well.