Friday , July 19 2024

Essential Oils: An Essential Part of Massage Parlours

If you own a massage parlour you probably already know that your clients come to your place for more than just muscle relaxation. They also come for mind relaxation and pampering, and the best way to achieve this is to activate the as many other senses as possible – sound, sight, but most importantly, the sense of smell.

Certain scents can trigger some amazing reactions in people. That’s the reason why essential oils are regularly used in massage parlours. Essential oils can influence anything from our mood to memory, and even improve the body’s immune system. An experienced massage therapist knows how essential oils can be used in ways that can give clients unforgettable aromatic experiences that will keep them returning for more. And that’s why most professionals always make essential oils bulk purchases to ensure that they never run out of a particular oil that a client would want.

And besides, getting your oils from a wholesale supplier can also allow you to save some precious dollars which you can later invest in other things like candles and massage equipment. This is a smart move when you consider that essential oils are not exactly cheap. To produce a small bottle of oil, large quantities of plant matter are required. For instance, in order to make 30 ml of rose oil, it takes approximately 113 kilograms of roses. A good tip is to buy essential oils bulk at discounted prices whenever possible.

The high price of essential oils is the reason why some massage parlours use body lotions instead. However, the effect isn’t even remotely the same. Lotions only remain on the surface on the skin while essential oils can be absorbed into the body through the skin as well as the nasal passages and lungs. Once in the body, they travel through all the organs and exit through the liver and kidneys. This is why essential oils can have such profound healing effects on people’s health and are sometimes a better option than some over-the-counter medications.

Because they are very concentrated, essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin. Instead they should be diluted using a carrier oil. Carrier oils like coconut, almond, jojoba, and sunflower are usually much cheaper than primary essential oils. The best carrier oil for massage is usually coconut. It’s because it’s a light oils with a long shelf life, and has natural anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Plus it absorbs very quickly without leaving an oily residue but still keeping the skin hydrated for hours. When diluting oils, the general rule is to use around 15 drops of carrier oil for every 30 ml of primary essential oil.