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ATP Science Cort RX: Help Your Body Cope with Stress

Many people these days are focused on exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While supplements like protein powder and amino acids can help you ensure a successful fitness journey, what can you do to help your body cope with stress? In terms of living a healthy lifestyle, stress is an important factor that is very often overlooked.

Stress affects us all. It’s the body’s reaction to harmful situations, whether they are real or perceived. Stress causes the body to flood with hormones that prepare its systems to evade or confront danger, something that’s commonly referred to as the fight-or-flight mechanism. When we face a threat or challenge, we have a partly physical response. The body activates resources that help us either get to safety as fast as possible or stay and confront the challenge.

Regardless of the trigger, each time we release neurotransmitters, such as noradrenaline and hormones, cortisol in particular, that catalyse a series of events that help us deal with the challenge. The problem with modern life is that there is constantly one form of trigger or another, causing a constant stimulus to pump out these stress chemicals.

Chronic exposure to a powerful hormone, like cortisol can disrupt your healthy sleep pattern, immune response, fluid distribution, blood sugar, and increase fat gain. ATP Science Cort RX is an optional tool to help you deal with everyday stress and is formulated to help you maintain a healthy stress response.

What Is Cort RX Used for?

What Is Cort RX Used for

Cort RX is a concentrated blend of herbs such as Turmeric, Schisandra, Rhodiola and Withania. It’s a powerful combination of adaptogenic herbs and the role of adaptogens is to help you deal with stress and adapt to the challenge at hand by supporting the normal function and efficiency of your stress axis. You can buy ATP Science Cort RX to help your body adapt to the many external stressors you face in everyday life.

You may try to incorporate basic stress reduction practices, such as being more mindful, trying to take time out whenever needed, trying to get enough sleep, avoiding stress as much as possible, reducing caffeine and so on, but sometimes these are all a lot easier said than done. To help you understand how Cort RX works, let’s take a quick look at the herbs contained in this supplement and what they do.


Turmeric is getting a lot of attention recently thanks to the many benefits it has to the body and mind. It contains Curcumin which is a bioactive compound with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and great for a range of ailments that come from chronic inflammation in the body. It’s a friend to the adrenals and a cortisol regulator as well as an anti-oxidant and can help boost the body’s antioxidant enzymes.


Schisandra Chinensis is an adaptogenic herb found in Northwest China. Traditionally, it has been used for its antioxidant qualities. It can help your body fight against toxins and poor drinking and eating habits. Additionally, it can help restore cortisol levels, which can have many beneficial side effects including improved sleep and lower anxiety levels. It helps your body adapt to both physical and mental stress and can help improve physical performance as well. Also, it can help increase cognitive performance, reduce inflammation and protect the liver.

ATP Science Cort RX


Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb that can help with fat burning, energy boosting and is used for mental acuity. It has strong anti-anxiety and mood-enhancing effects and can help your body deal with stress. It works to enhance physical performance and brain function to help your body deal with the negative effects of stress and perform at its best. It regulates cortisol levels and helps reduce the catabolic effect this hormone has on both bone and muscle, preserve the adrenal glands, reduce panic and anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, protect the liver and is an antioxidant as well.


Withania Somnifera is another herb that can bring cortisol profile into line and can help you balance your thyroid hormones and strengthen your immune system. It’s a herb that helps you to deal effectively with stress and switches off the body’s survival response.

Benefits of ATP Science Cort RX

Benefits of ATP Science Cort RX

Cort RX is a product from Australian based company ATP and it has multiple benefits for your body and mind. It’s an all-natural product that improves resilience, supports detoxification, healthy digestion and antioxidant defence systems. In particular, it takes the burden off the adrenal gland and can help restore cortisol levels, which is very important in this fast-paced times world we live in.

More Energy

When you have a stimulative substance, like coffee or a fat burner, for instance, you use your adrenal glands and drain them to a point where you can’t use them again until they start to rebuild and return to functioning order. When the first coffee for the day wears off and you grab another, you’re not getting the same stimulative effect that you got in the morning. It blocks the sleepy chemical serotonin, so you’ll be more awake. Cort FX is an adrenal cortex and can help you balance the adrenaline and your energy levels.

Less Belly Fat

Cortisol plays a big part in the body’s defensive system, however, the human body acts first and then thinks. So, if it’s under attack from an external or internal stress factor, it automatically releases the chemical to the brain to calm you down. Once this hormone is released through your body, it stores on the belly as fat. Fat is something many people stress about and Cort FX can help you get fight fat in a healthy, natural way thanks to its ingredients.