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6 Fun Kids Toys to Bring to the Beach and Keep Kids Busy for Hours

The three fundamental things to have in mind when going to the beach is staying under shade when needed, protecting your skin with high SPF and having fun. While fun for adults means just chilling, drinking beer/cocktails and reading a good book, children have totally different perceptions of having fun. They are all about playing, swimming and adventuring. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to keep their attention and create fun moments is with the help of beach toys.


Why Investing in Toys for beach Matters?

The greatest benefit of these toys is that they can provide children with numerous therapeutic benefits that can improve any development delays they might have. Firstly, scoops, shovels, buckets and similar beach toys can improve children’s gross motor skills and strengthen their muscles. Because of the constant pouring, stirring and squeezing of toys, they will develop their fine motors skills as well, which is of vital importance.

When going to the beach for the first time, water and sand will provide children with sensory experiences because they will be able to experience different textures. Just like with any other toy, beach toys will also help children to improve their social skills, share them, wait their turn and make conversation even with new friends.


Little children will also be able to learn more about new shapes and some other things like measuring, comparing and building. Building sandcastles can be quite daunting especially for smaller children and also those who are making sandcastles for the first time. With the help of a sandcastle bucket, your little one will learn to measure and compare volumes, but also learn some other mathematic basics like full, empty, half, less, more, etc.

Which Are Some of the Most Popular Types of Beach Toys?

Sand Set

Shell-shaped, star-shaped, turtle-shaped moulds are just some of the many kids beach toys you can find in a set like this. Usually, these sets come with a watering can, bucket, shovels, sieves and some other tools in order to help children learn about shapes and build different things. You can be sure that a set like this will keep them occupied for hours while allowing you to enjoy your beverage in peace.

Toss and Catch Ball Set

Similar to tennis or ping-pong, this game is quite exciting and fun for children of all ages. Except on the sand, you can play in the water as well, just make sure your children wear water wings. For smaller children, you can invest in a Velcro toss and catch ball set so they could catch the ball easier without falling off. One thing is certain, this set is fun for adults as well, making it the ideal way to have fun and bond with your children.


Castle Beach Bucket Set

Building sandcastles has never been easier than with the special castle bucket moulds. Whether sold separately or in a set of several different buckets ranging in size, your little ones could literally get lost in the game, trying to make different sandcastles and playing with their siblings and friends. When matched with some other toys, this could turn into a never-ending game.

Sand Truck

Building a sandcastle should be done the right way with all the needed tools, and children will be more than thrilled to have all of them. So, except for having sandcastle buckets, you can pamper them with their personal sand transportation vehicle like a sand truck so they could fill it up with sand with the help of shovels and take it to the construction site. Along with levers and sifter shovels, they will be able to create the castle of their dreams in no time.

Water Bouncing Ball

Water bouncing ball is nothing like any regular type of ball. Although at first sight, it looks the same as any regular ball, this one is able to bounce impressively on water. Whether you’re skimming or throwing, you can easily catch the ball even wet.


Ice-Cream Beach Set

A simple yet appealing, this beach set can help your girls make the most delicious ice creams in their different coloured moulds. The special ice cream scoop will help them fill the moulds with sand and serve it to all family members. On the other hand, they could use these moulds and create the most dazzling ice creams in the sand. If possible, choose moulds of different sizes for added fun.

Where to Buy Beach Toys?

The ideal way to buy toys for the beach is from a trusted and reliable supplier that sells good quality brands. This is essential in order to be sure that you’ll buy toys that are made from high-quality, softer and safe to use plastic. By doing this, you can have peace of mind that even if broken, children won’t be able to cut themselves from the toys.