Monday , May 20 2024

Fall/ Winter 2016 Headwear Trends

With the first yellow leaves starting to alter the appearance of city streets, Aussies begin to transfer their summer clothes to the back of their closets and begin looking to add new trending pieces to their fall/winter wardrobe. In the spotlight this time: wide brim hats for women.

Starting from what was so popular as the cowboy hat and the beach wide brim hat made of straws, the trend took a whole other direction and now there’s simply no outfit made without this hat posing as a major accessory element. In all colours, made of a thick, warm material suitable for winter, with brims sturdy and completely straight or slightly wavy and loose, wide brim hats for women are the biggest boom among hat trends on the fashion scene. Of course, among other trends are some of the timeless models of hats which throughout the years have been complimenting outfits in a number of different ways:

winter hats


The French Beret

A French beret symbolises style, sophistication, it is a kind of perfectionist niche in the wearer’s character. The beret has always been worn with a short school girl skirt, a black and white blouse in stripes with knee socks and Oxford shoes, or in other words, it doesn’t go with anything. This season is all about long, wide knitwear, tight high-waist jeans and pants, and boots on high heels along with the leather jackets. Add to this vision the French beret combined with some fancy earrings and a small bag over the shoulder and voilà, you have created yourself the perfect French lady look!

The wide brim hat for ultra modern outfits

As I said, wide brim hats for women are trending right now; mainly in black, grey, olive-green and purple colour, this hat is the ultimate accessory for autumn and winter outfits. Whether you’re wearing a daily-elegant combination with high heels or flat boots it really doesn’t matter; this hat goes perfectly well with every style.

The Beanie

The beanie is the type of hat you simply can’t go without in winter. It goes with everything; from the sportiest version of you, to the one that includes high heels, jeans and a leather jacket. Every type of them, from knitted ones with weak knit to ones with very strong wider knit fibre are trending this winter. Combine it with a scarf and gloves from the same texture and you have yourself a winning combination that abounds with warmth and style.

Helmets and riding caps

Who would not want to try riding a horse for once? It’s not just a very popular and among the most expensive sports in the world, but it’s very fashionable as well; those riding caps riders wear on every event have found their way on the fashion scene in various modern designs. Helmets also deserve some attention, as these are going to be a major hit this season; short brims and some even have small cat ears on them – the perfect accessory for a fancy outfit.

Fur hats – Russian explosion on Australian streets

The second thing after vodka you can easily associate Russia to, is fur; fur hats, fur jackets, and everything made of fur! Despite modern beliefs, Russia is the home to a number of fashionistas that enjoy world fame. And on their fashion blogs and web sites you can easily notice the domination of fur hats: they combine it with everything and achieve that elegant, expensive look of being warm and cozy while walking the snowy, cold streets of Moscow, and other parts of the world in winter. Fur hats are definitely going to find their spot on the Australian fashion scene this season as well, so make sure you get yours in advance.