Wednesday , April 21 2021

Children’s Scooters: The Fun Way to Sharpen Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Living in societies as they are today, whether we like it or not we often get to know about celebrities’ lives and things they like to do. This especially goes for following their styles and one of the latest trends they follow that has not waned away for years – getting scooters for their kids.

Famous or not, all kids love to play and nothing could be better than including this kind of play in your daily life. Not only will your kid have fun, but you could also join in by having a scooter yourself or have a nice exercise by following your kid around. The reason this trend seems to be so everlasting is because of the advantages it brings: what looks like a mere play is actually more beneficial for your child on a deeper level.

As a physical activity, using a scooter helps with the full development of gross and fine motor skills. It is important to encourage this development as early as possible since it plays a big role in the process of a child acquiring independence. From an early age it is advisable to allow kids to have more physical movement instead of bothering them with memory games for instance. Physical activity has proved to be more efficient in this stage and it is where scooters can help. For this reason, there are many models especially designed for toddlers.

As soon as your kids begin to take a few steps and learn how to walk, they are set for using scooters. When buying children’s scooters, you will find a great deal of varieties so you have to look for a reliable retailer to know you get quality and learn more about the type your kid needs. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 3 Wheel Scooter is ideal for toddlers because it is easy to steer and has a wide platform.

When finding ways to maneuver the scooter in all situations, speeding up, slowing down, kids use their legs and arms, including coordinating wrists, hands and feet while steering the bar which helps build muscle strength since it enables them to fully engage their limbs. Children’s scooters give your child the opportunity to gain confidence by becoming more experienced in all the scooting tricks as well as acquire the sense of direction and maintain balance. It is also the chance to teach your child some basic protection by using full protective gear (helmet, knee and elbow pads). As the benefits of scooters are endless, some schools went as far as introducing scooter activities as part of their programs and in this way they teach kids how to cooperate with others which leads to the development of their social skills.

Next time you plan on going for a walk with your child, get your scooters with you (who says parents cannot have fun?) and you are sure to get an amusing pastime.