Sunday , May 29 2022

What Rush Poppers Are, What They’re Made Of, Their Uses and Effects

Poppers, the hottest new recreational drug. Known for its intensification of the sex drive and overall sexual pleasure, a lot of people have hopped on the popper train. This drug got its name when it was invented back in the 1800’s and in order to use it, the consumer had to ‘pop’ a lid open and inhale the fumes inside. That design still hasn’t changed, poppers are stored in a little bottle with a cap, and come from a lot of different manufacturers (even though all poppers have the same effect).

Why are Poppers Special

What makes poppers special is the so called ‘poppers rush’. Not only do poppers increase the sex-drive, they also relax a lot of uncontrollable muscles such as the through, vaginal and rectal muscles. The main reason is the relaxation of the blood vessels and increased blood rate, all directly affected by the poppers themselves.

The Use of Poppers

When poppers were first used, they had a medicinal purpose, because of the relaxing factor and the opening of the blood vessels. But that is not the case of the 21’s centuries intent, the most common usage of the poppers rush today is for sexual pleasure. Poppers make you lustful, they make your whole body feel warm and they make orgasms feel better and last longer. It is the perfect, recreationally kinky sex drug. Apart from medicine and sex, there have been reports of people using poppers for dance parties.

Are Poppers Magic?

It might seem so, but there is a scientific explanation on what poppers are. They are made from a chemical compound called ‘Isopropyl nitrite’, which is a legal chemical.

Popular Brands

Some of the more popular brans are the ‘Poppers Rush‘, ‘Jungle Juice’, ‘The Real Amsterdam’, but then again it is all about taste, or should I say smell. Each popper has its own unique aroma, but they all have the same effect (much like alcohol).

Sex on Poppers

There is nothing better then sex on poppers. They make bad sex good and good sex divine, it is like something you’ve never experienced before, once you sniff the aroma, the arousal is almost spontaneous. It is best to just give in to the overwhelming power of lust that the poppers give, let out your wild side and enjoy your dirtiest fantasies. And once you get to that ‘finish’ line, you will have the best and longest orgasm you have ever experienced. So why not give it a try, let out your inner kink and go crazy.